Thursday, March 18, 2010

HEY! Wait for me!

On Tuesday night Tawnya invited me to go for a 'walk' with her.  She's doing power walking for cardio these days, 2 hours a day (plus lunges plus her weight workout!!) and I thought since I needed to get outside for a walk/run it would be the perfect opportunity.  I must have had a momentary lapse of reality when I agreed. Here's why:

I have worked out with her before, not as client/trainer but as friends and really people, there is no difference except that I'm dying and she's barely breaking a sweat.  As we have become friends we've gone blading along the waterfront and she slowed her pace as I tried to get my footing, she can be really nice sometimes (when she's not laughing at me).  When she was training for her marathon I would meet her for the last hour/hour and a half of her run and FINALLY I could keep up with her, me blading and her running.. pathetic.  Well Tuesday night was NO different.  She walked, I walked three steps, jogged to catch up, walk three steps, jog to catch up.  We did some running intervals and I would run a bit longer to get way ahead of her so she would have to catch up to me and this would give me a chance to catch my breath but in about 30 seconds I could see her shadow coming up behind me.  We were out there for maybe 90 minutes but only 60 minutes counted on her watch.  Regardless it was a great workout and I did not die although I a few times I thought I might collapse.

On Wednesday I went in for my weight session hobbling pretty good, my hips (ITbands?) were a disaster but after an hour of circuits I was much more loosened up and today I felt 100% better, thank god.

Ah I LOVE exercise (I'm totally lying)

Hey, my diet is going good, has been since March 1 but I'm scared to get on the scale, I'll just keep plugging for a while longer but my pants are fitting better.  I am determined to get the t-shirt!!!

That's all I got.

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