Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what the heck?!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

4 girls, 3 nights, 0 bears

Highlights from my weekend away with the girls in Mattawa Ontario.

Our home away from home

We stayed at Nature's Harmony.  It's an off-grid experience and while I am no camper and going without a hair dryer for a few days in a row is a super challenge for me I really really liked this experience.  No cell service, no running water, barely any electricity.  We had to 4wheel drive it up to the cabin from the main house. 

We arrived around 7pm on Thursday night and relaxed, had dinner, a few drinks and got ourselves acquainted with the place.

front of the cabin 
Friday morning we woke up and after getting 'cleaned up' we went into town to check messages and find breakfast.  We ended up stopping at the first place we saw, Drapers where we met Theresa who worked there and two other guys that were having breakfast, Mo and James.  Everyone was super friendly and they told us about the the three crosses and said we should hike there.  You would have to find a boat to take you across or you could walk across the railroad bridge (which was illegal).  Breakfast was fantastic by the way.  They also told us to go check out Mel's place, Moosehead Estates, another BandB in the area. 

sadly we didn't get to use this, too wet

We went to see the local art gallery where we got to see the "magic paintings" and then headed over to Mel's place where we were welcomed in and shown around her 11 bedroom, 6 bathroom estate.  The place is spectacular.  It has all the amenities a person (like me) would need, running water, flush toilets, cell service, an enormous lot, right on the lake and the most amazing kitchen I have ever seen and on and on.  I think we were there looking around and talking to Mel for at least 2 hours.  We are definitely going back there next year to stay, maybe after IMMT.  The place is gorgeous and Mel has worked hard to make it really comfortable.  Plus the stories about the house itself and the history could keep you busy for days. 

10 can sleep up there
We headed back to the cabin to wait for the other girls and had a great time chatting and eating before bed.  We slept in a loft, the cabin could sleep at least 12 people, 2 in the bedroom on the main floor and another 10 in the loft. 

Saturday we headed back to Drapers for 'the ususal' and then decided to tackle the bridge/hike to the crosses.  We heard differing stories about the train schedule.  No, there's no trains on a weekend, yes there's trains but you should be ok, the trains run in the late day around 6pm, the trains are stopped for construction.  I really had NO idea and this made me nervous.  Nevermind the train schedue then we heard about the trail to the three crosses.. It's just over there to the left of the bridge, that is the easiest way up, my 3 year old grandson did it, the guy at the outfitters said he had never done it and was too scared, someone else said you really should go up with someone that knows the trail. Oh and of course the bears.. we heard we better get a bear horn just in case, then no, you don't need a bear horn, the bears will leave you alone and on it went.  Incidentally there is a bear horn iphone app too.  

you can see the 3 crosses in the top right
There is never any stopping Michelle and Tracey was a super trooper but Heather and I were less convinced.  Getting across the bridge was bad, I can't believe how scared I was.  It wasn't horrible at the beginning, there were steel walls to block the wind on either side and if you kept your eyes focused on the ties you could step easily but when we got to the part where there were no walls my heart rate went up up up.  By the time we got across it might have been 10-15 minutes later but I could not stop shaking and all I could think of what having to go back across the bridge.  We weren't sure how to start up the trail, it looks different when you are standing there rather than looking across the lake from the other side.  It was slippery and wet and quite a climb straight up and at that point I called it.  Nope, not going.  I was too worried about bears and getting back across the stupid bridge and since we didn't even know if we were on a real trail I knew I was way out of my element. 

view once we made it across
Heather was with me but Tracey and Michelle kept on. Heather and I headed back across the bridge as quickly as we could and parked our butts in a vantage spot where we could watch for the other girls.  About an hour later sure enough we saw Tracey's red jacket and they were texting us that they made it.  Then they had to come down. When we finally saw them wandering along the railway path they were with a guy, it's not unlike Michelle to make friends everywhere she goes. What an interesting guy. His name is Tim and he lives in a makeshift tent on the mountain alone and this was to be he fourth winter up there.. (really???!!)  He met the girls at the top and offered to help them down via the actual trail which they had missed the entire way up, Michelle said ABSOLUTELY!!  The girls said he was a real help on the way down and very interesting to talk to.  They offered him money and he flat out refused, he said god would take care of him.  He typically comes down on Saturday night so he can go to church early Sunday morning. 

inside Moosehead Estate
When we go back next year I promised to hike to the crosses but we'd need to boat across and I hope we meet up with him again. 

Back to the cabin for our last night.  We were able to use the showers at the main house and they even put a sauna on for the girls around 9pm. 

I am definitely going back next year and want to stay at Moosehead Estate and I'll be excited to go back to Nature's Harmony and see the changes.  They are working very hard on expanding AND for you off road types they host an off road cycling race and a running race as well.  Jen and Tzach are fantastic hosts!  I wished I had spent more time hearing about their story. Maybe when we go back we can convince them to come and have dinner with us.

a few more pics and that's all I got...

our sunroom at the cabin

the wood stove, kept us extra warm

friendly dogs that decided to hang out with us

"The" place for breakfast, thanks Theresa!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Later gaters...

Hiking boots - check
Hiking socks,  which are shockingly comfy - check
Long johns - check
Yoho jacket - check
Packing list for the morning - check
Laundry done - check
Kitchen cleaned - check
Alcohol, don't even ask, trust me on this - check 
Books to read, iPad and old school - check
Bandaids - check
Grocery list - check
Baseball hat, cause my hair is gonna be interesting - check
Running shoes, gotta clear my head, see 'alcohol' - check 
iPod and speakers - check
Bathing suit, cause they have a sauna - check
(and yes I'll be singing Finnish sauna songs and did you know there is a Facebook page just for Finnish sauna songs?)
Tylenol - check check check check
Prayers for sunshine - check

4 girls
3 nights
my money is on the girls, NOT the owners of the BandB

that's all I got, I should be sleeping already!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nancy, fancy pants….

I have mentioned my coach often in my blog and if you haven't gotten it by now, she is frigging amazing! I have also said many times about how everyone related to the sport of triathlon are amazingly helpful and motivating.

There are two types of 'athletes' in my view. You guys and the rest of us. "You guys" are the unbelieveably dedicated, hard core, never let a little rain or I don't know, tornado, get in the way of your training for the day. You train HARD, race HARD, live your life in the best way possible. You eat healthy 99% of the time and you are always positive. You always have a moment to hang out with the rest of us and offer up some great advice, support, show us some tricks.. You guys are awesome!

The rest of us don't want to stand on the podium, we want to finish and have a great time doing it. We are looking to balance our lives, eat better, train hard more often but it's not really our passion. Running, not my passion, cycling, not my passion, swimming, not my passion BUT I love the variety of training that triathlon gives me, the people I get to interact with and how I feel whenever I finish whatever workout I am doing.

never without a smile
Lots of people have coaches. My coach works with many elite athletes but she also works with the rest of us. I think "we" are her passion. She GETS us. She motivates us to keep going, push harder, get the best out of our workouts and ourselves yet when life deals you a blow that sends you running from the world she's there with a hand, quietly waiting for you to come back. ALWAYS encouraging, never condescending. Hardly a week has gone by where she doesn't send me a text or email checking in on me. Every month she provides me with a program and checks in to see how things are going. If she gets frustrated with a lack of progress due to 'insert any old excuse here' she NEVER shows it. She is always looking for where are you now, how are you feeling, what do we want to work on next. I love every person that I have met in the sport of triathlon but Nancy… SHE is truly the best. The best competitor, motivator, supporter.. EVER hands down.

Always making everyone smile!

I pay a monthly fee for my personalized program and it also gets me into most of her running, cycling, swimming, yoga and party (haha) clinics. Occasionally there may be additional fees but not often. I also get to be a part of the Mommy's in Motion team and Iron Canucks (additional fees there), we spend an hour every month one on one working on a discipline, whatever it is I want to do. With the running/cycling/tri clinics we have guest speakers that come in to talk to us about things like injury prevention, nutrition (loved that girl), heart rate training etc.  Hell she even had Brian come in and talk to the team one time.

I'll never get to the podium, I only want to get to the finish line and have her run me in like she does for every single member of her team.

Who is Nancy Hastings? She is an athlete, an amazing coach whether you are elite or one of us AND she is a great friend. I can tell you without her especially these last 6 months I wouldn't be here and I definitely wouldn't be back training.

with her trusty bullhorn at a race simulation

that's all I got...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

so I was

loving this weather this past weekend

hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving

jealous of the American Thanksgiving because it's several days off and the shopping, oh the shopping

excited for a week of vacation!!! 2 more days and change til I'm FREE!! (let the bad jokes commence coughMattycough)

planning to sleep in for the first 3 days, or maybe the entire time

starting a yoga class with the IronCanucks in a few weeks. This is going to be funny, me+yoga=ridiculous

almost enjoying running.. Almost…

thinking I need to get out for a bike ride before it gets really cold, it's been too long

waiting impatiently for the NBC version of Kona, even though I know what happens I love that show

wondering if I am the only that records the show and then watches it several times

remembering when I first moved into the house and my kitchen counters were not cluttered.  Now it looks lived in

predicting that tomorrow (which is actually today) I'll be very sorry I forgot to stretch after my run tonight (which was actually last night)

that's all I got...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my Canadian friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving this weekend. The weather is going to be amazing!  There will be running and swimming and perhaps a ride, and turkey and taters and friends and laughs and maybe a little wine and a cold beer or two.

I think our American friends should all have a turkey sandwich to celebrate with us (that'll be tofurkey for you veggies).

And we'll be missing you most of all (and your appetite) Hunter.  Always in our hearts. 


that's all I got...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

so I was (it's back)

Burlington waterfront
Happy with my run last night. I ran (?) with Second Wind Conditioning from the beach house, I love the beach house. I even did about 2km more than was on my sched. Nice

Wondering what my legs will think of another short run tonight.

Bummed that my Garmin seems to have died.

Looking for the reset button to see if that helps.

Shocked that I managed to score a bike trainer from a friend, he really is far too nice. Here begins the construction of the pain cave.

Not shocked that John tried to outbid me when he saw the offer on twitter.. bugger.

Excited that this weekend is Thanksgiving which means a long weekend and sleep.

Making plans with friends cause my family is busy so we are pushing dinner plans to another weekend. 

Going to make turkey with mashed sweet/white potatoes, gravy, veggies. I'll have lunches for a week!!!!

Loving my new Rocketfish wireless headphones.

Craving homemade strawberry jam, yup the high sugar, old school kind that your grandma used to make.

Noting that my grandma didn't make homemade strawberry jam, she made stewed rhubarb and I loved it.

EXTRA excited that Kona is this weekend, (it is this weekend right?) because my friend Jackie is competing again this year.  GO JACKIE!!!

that's all I got...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

that's creepy

I've got my eye on you...
The jury is out on whether this picture is creepy or cool. I dunno, I'm working my way towards a pic of all of me but let's start here ok? Next week, the other eye.

So I'm back at it.. Coach and I devised a plan for October which is reasonable and doable and puts my mindset into "well it's only a short one" in the hopes that I keep the momentum going. I remember John telling me last season before I started, just get out there, get used to doing the workouts, don't over do it.. So here I am again. I'm calling it training season 2012 cause 2011 can just frig off already, I've had enough of 2011. This year I'm starting a few months earlier than last year but that is GOOD. The motto for the month is "ouch', that is all". Run tonight.. Yay.. (did I just say yay?)

Now that the spreadsheet is back I hopped on the scale this morning to get my starting weight. Remember last month when I hopped on the scale to check in and I was 8lbs lighter than I thought. This morning I was certain I had gained back at least those 8lbs so I stripped nekkid and gingerly stepped on. My eyes were squeezed tight until I heard the 'beep beep beep' and I looked down and guess what, down another pound from where I was the last time. I think my scale is broken. If this is a true weight this means I'll hit my weight goal 2 months earlier than planned. I've planned to lose 5lbs a month.  See, reasonable.

In other news I'm going away on Oct 20 for 4 days with my bestie for some R&R and I won't be required to dig a hole and poop in it. There will be beds and real toilets and breakfast and lots of hiking and hopefully beautiful changing colours and sunshine and water somewhere to look at. And wine.. Of course there will be wine and good food and laughs. I'm taking the entire week off because my nephew has surgery on the Tuesday and I want to be there for that. I haven't had any significant time off since Hunter died and boy am I ready.

that's all I got...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hiding under water - beth hart...

I got a note from a fellow blogger (who is awesome) and she mentioned that I wasn't posting a lot these days and it's true. I don't really feel like I should be posting because I didn't accomplish anything this past season and am not back into full on training yet.

As my boss put it, I've been a big disappointment, a let down this past season and I really felt those words. While I'm sure loads of people have been thinking it he's been the only one to say it out loud, to my face, but I have felt them the whole time, known it every single day, yet I couldn't muster any motivation to do anything about it.

Rather than focus on that I'm trying to just move forward. I see that lots of people are already planning their 2012 season so I thought I'd get in on the action. Coach Nancy is putting together team IronCanucks training for both a half and full this year. The half will be for Peterborogh and the full will be for Mont Tremblant as well as the schedule of other races to support our goals. My 2012 is shaping up (loosely) like this:

December - Santa Claus 5km run - I get to run while wearing a Santa suit.. so sexy! 
March - chilly half marathon NOT! No way am I running in that crappy weather. We'll see if she can talk me into this one
April - triathlon training camp with the coach and teammates. I've not been away for any reason in years, looking forward to this.
May - Mississauga half marathon - ahhh more my style, spring time, not too hot, flat course
May - Brian Smith charity ride. I can choose to do either the 75km or 140km distance. I suspect it'll be 140km
June - early month sprint - While I prefer swimming without a wetsuit I'll have to get one for this race
June - late month Olympic distance (Guelph) I think
July - Peterborough half Iron
August - Warrior dash or something like that. A couple of friends and I decided to do a Tough Mudder in 2013 and thought this would be fun as a warm up (why I agreed to this I'll never know).
August - Ironman Mont Tremblant cheering/support team. I can list it, it's going to be epic!! I cannot wait for this one, not only will my local friends (John, Fran etc) be racing, but my IronCanucks will be there AND some bloggers I've been dying to meet (coughMandyHeatherMattKevinwhodidimisscough)! My best friend is coming with me and I'm looking to see if we can volunteer on race day as well.. SO MUCH FUN!
September - women's only sprint triathlon in Milton (Kelso)
October - Scotia bank half marathon.  It will be fun to compare my times between May and Oct.

I need to buy my own trainer this year and set up a real honest to goodness 'pain cave'. I have an extra TV, just need a DVD player which I assume I can get for cheap at Walmart. I expect that I'll be much more comfortable downstairs and make less noise on concrete than I do in the dining room. Any and all suggestions for the pain cave are welcome. I don't have anything in my basement other than a washer/dryer and some boxes that never got unpacked when I moved 4years ago. Oh please like you never!

In other news we found out that Hunter passed away from ARVD, and we now know that my nephew has it too. I should be thankful, his situation can be managed (not cured) with surgery, they have to implant a defibrillator into his chest. How frigging scary is that? I feel for him, am worried about him but I can't do a damn thing about it. I found out that with this condition you can't exercise, exercise can kill him. While I understand it in laymans terms at a high level it just seems so weird, a heart condtion where exercise can kill you, even walking. I'm unsure if the rest of the family needs to be/will be tested, we're waiting to hear more from the doctors on that.

that's all I got...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

check out these two hot babes

My sister sent me a scanned photo of her and I from our childhood and it made me laugh.  Love the curtains mom!!  I don't even know how old we were.

Sue is on the left, that's me on the right

I've got some fun stuff in the hopper, more on that as it materializes.

that's all I got..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

weekend update

I meant to get another update in about the race last weekend but didn't get there.  It's kind of how my entire summer has been, 'I meant to but didn't'.. oh well  

Racing season is over and the Mommies / Babes in Motion kicked ass this past weekend!  I'm so proud of all of them. I wanted to go and watch them race, sadly I slept right through the TWO alarm clocks I had set. I do this all the time on a workday but have never slept through a cheering event.

I was going to race this one but decided a few weeks ago not to. I have been enjoying not having any pressure, and training when/how I wanted. To be honest for me race day is my least favourite day on the schedule so this year was the racing season that never started.  It's ok.  It's what I wanted, what I needed. Theres been alot of internal bullshit to get through and I think I may be having a mid-life crisis. I'm ok with that but if that's the case where are the young men and sportscars??!! I thought these things went hand in hand with a mid-life crisis? At any rate, I'm relieved because no one will be asking me "are you going to race?" anymore. The season is over and I'm back to training and things will only go up from here. Coach is keeping me on track for next season and from what I have seen, training for that starts um NOW?!  jeez

This past weekend I went to visit a friend, she lives north of me and in the same location where my family had our cottage growing up. I went there most weekends into my teenage years and at least once or twice a year until they sold it a few years ago. I love the area. It's left me remembering my grandparents with a smile and Finnish coffeecake and Danish meatballs and badly sung Finnish sauna songs that they taught us.

our cottage was on this island
That's all I got...

ps - does anyone else automatically think "Jane you ignorant sl..." when you hear "weekend update"?

Monday, August 29, 2011

a weekend with Element Racing

This past weekend I volunteered at my first 'off-road' tri for Element Racing.  What an experience.  I was asked by Jackie (you remember her, she lent me the Pinarello last season) so I couldn't say no.  I'll post more with pictures on the race set up, race day and the porta-potty incident (ewwwwwwww) in the next day or two but I will say this for now, I had a blast.  James, the race director and his people were amazing.  They were well set up to handle the volunteers, everyone had a job and it ran really smoothly from my vantage point.  I didn't even mind getting up at 4:30am to be at the quarry before 6am.. ok I am lying about that part. 

This morning I was forwarded an email from James to the teams and volunteers thanking them and it just made my day.  Because I was working registration and kit pick up I didn't get to see anything after the start of the race, we had to get back to our stations for the mini-try/relay reg.

James you'll never see me doing an off-road (my god could you imagine the injuries) but I'm more than happy to help out any time.

my partner in crime setting up on Saturday
Good morning team!
Team captain’s, please pass this onto you team, and everyone else, please pass this onto friends that you brought out. I do not want to miss anyone with my most sincere thank-you.

Team. I truly mean the word team as that is how it went down. So many people, coming together, taking on projects, taking on stresses, giving up their weekend, taking ownership of their areas. Absolutely everyone I saw put in extra efforts all over the race, be it during set-up, race day, very very early morning, and then making that final push for takedown and clean up (one which should be in the record books. The van was packed and quarry cleaned up by 1:45pm at the latest).

Over the race day I had so many athletes find me to thank- me for the race, but to make sure that I passed on special thank-you’s to the most amazing volunteers. My response was always, its the team which makes this happen, and this would not be here with out them.

Here is one which came in only hours after the race:

“A quick note to thank you for a great event today at Kelso; great organization and the best volunteers!!!”

I know more of these will come in over the next few days and I will do my best to pass them along.

There are so many stories coming in so I thought I’d take a moment to pass along what I had heard, was told about or witnessed myself:

 - the stories of how cheerful and happy waters stations were, how the run on the “red carpet” will soon become a signature of the run course (I personally can’t wait to see the costumes for that next year)
- the quickest re-set of a water station ever in history as one came down as a new race was approaching
 - racers stopping at water station for a quick conversation as they enjoyed their cool drink
 - word spreading that one of the happiest places to be was at registration - yay, that's where I was!!
 - one of the first (and probably not my last time) seeing someone swim the entire 1km course using a double arm back stroke.
 - how many swimmers were able to take that much needed rest on the kayakers, and SUP’s.
 - two racers stopping at the “second loop” sign on the bike course and having a quick
conversation about doing the second lap or not only to go.. Why not
 - so many flat tires out on the course this year
 - a double flat tire participant getting a standing ovation from the crowd as he ran his bike back into transition.
 - The OAT official catching up with that infamous “F-bomb” athlete from the run course
 - Dave on the water course – I head stories through-out the day of your massive efforts to ensure cups and water where they needed to be. I hope you log that day in your training. Jessica, you too as I heard about your intervals on the 2km forest section between water station 3 and the carpet path. 
 - so many sprint finishes 
 - the run course was declared over and over again as one of the most amazing run’s they had seen or done.
 - No one got lost, miss directed on any of the course
 - everyone finished safe with only 4 participants walking away with some new scars to support their incredible wipe out stories.

There are just so many stories. I encourage you, that if you have an amazing story from the race, to pass it along. I find this reflection and appreciation is important as the actual event itself goes by so quickly, you sometimes don’t get the chance to take it all in until you take this time to do so. Not to mention, there may be another volunteer who has more to add to that stories from earlier or later on in the race.

I consider the Mine Over Matter 2011 event an amazing success, and its success is a result of everyone's over the top efforts.

I thank-you all for your support, you friendship and for everything you all did to make that day happen for so many racers.

All the best,
James Kowalewski
Race Director
Element Racing

I wanna know more about that 'f-bomb' runner.. hmmmm

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

so I was..

reading a heartbreaking story about a young boy Thomas Quinet who is 14 years old and in Sick Kids waiting on a double lung transplant

praying for him and doing what I can, the only thing I can, which is putting the word out.

asking you to consider being a donor, Hunter did, so can you.  For those in Ontario it's really easy to register.

Hang in there Thomas..

that's all I got...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

ho ho ho

Ok, everyone knows MattyO right?  If you don't, where the heck have ya been?  Anyway he was riding for MS this weekend and I agreed to donate when he posted that he would eat large quantities of ho-hos..  

Go check out the blog, but as a sneak peek, here is one of the videos..  there are more on his blog and a great entry about the ride for MS.  

Matty and Heather,  you rock!  (ps the sideways video is his fault, not mine)

that's all I got...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oh hai!

Yup, it's been a while since I posted.  What is going on?  A whole heap of nothing. Ok maybe a few things.  I am training, swimming and torturing my favourite newbie and torturing myself.  I love the pool at LA Fitness, I can get in a zone there.  My runs still suck but at least they aren't worse.  I have been sweating ALOT more lately, probably due to the heat and I don't like it,  I don't like sweating in the first place.  I am riding every weekend with some of the women from Mommy's/Babes in Motion.  George really does need to get out more though.  I've been hearing about far too many cycling accidents lately which just makes my fear worse.  Maybe I need to move, is there a place where they have long cycling paths where there are no cars, rollerbladers or walkers?? 

On Friday night I had dinner with the awesome Mrs. LoTC, Fran.  It was great to see her and catch up, it's been way too long.  I was excited to hear first hand about her half ironman race and John's race at IMLP.  I mentioned that I would love to go to IMMT and cheer everyone on as I know a bunch of my IronCanuck teammates will be there AND some bloggers that I have been dying to meet in person (Mandy).  Fran messaged me later that night and linked me to the hotel they are staying at and before I knew it I had booked the last room from Fri-Tues. (how much was that?!?!?!?!)  I haven't been away anywhere in many years so I'm due.  Actually I wonder if I could volunteer at the race as well, I should look into that.  I will be carrying a helluva big sign with everyone's names on it!  If you are going leave me a note so I know to watch out for you.

I managed to get out of camping with my bestie on the long weekend but in exchange I had agreed to do yardwork at hers and mine.  I hauled wood for about 4 hours and it damn near killed me, then the next day we spent a good amount of time on my yard. All that is left to do is re-sod but I'm waiting a few weeks to do that.  With the heat we've been having it would be a bad idea to re-sod now or at least that's what I read on the internet so it must be true.  Me and yardwork don't get along so well. 

This past weekend I finally got off my butt and starting making the move to WordPress, the set up is finally ready to go, now just have to move all my posts.  I hope to have it up and running soon, I'm a bit excited about it. 

pics still loading upside down, so recycling an oldie

that's all I got...

Friday, July 29, 2011

a ride, a swim, a nap, a run, a beer

Look what I found on Saturday
Last weekend had it all, I had a great time. It started at 6am Saturday morning when my pal D came to pick me up so we could drive to Niagara on the Lake for a ride. It's flat and beautiful out there except for one hill. I love love love riding early in the morning, it's cooler, little traffic, quiet. We went at a decent clip and I wasn't tracking any data, I mostly wanted to make sure my butt would endure the ride, it did, barely. We stopped at the bottom of Queenston hill and when I looked up I said I didn't think I was gonna make it thanks to much slacking as of late but we decided to try til we had to walk. We were at the top before we knew it. I was home by noon and decided at 2:30 that I was going to go for a swim. On a hot day after a long ride (for me) the swim was amazing. The water at LA Fitness tends to be cool and felt great. I was just doing easy laps and about 30 minutes in a few young guys practically cannon balled into the pool, um guys it's like 3ft deep so I took my leave. When I got home I watched the ITT for TdF and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours. Swimming always knocks me out. 

Simon's Athlete tracker, check out that T1 time!!
Up early on Sunday to check my twitter account and see how all my friends were doing because they were racing Ironman Lake Placid. The live tracker was going well and after everyone was out of the water I headed back to LA Fitness for a run on the treadmill. By the time I got home and checked later in the day the tracker was still down and showing some pretty funny results, like John and Simon spending over 45 minutes in T1. At 9pm it was showing that Mandy was still out on the bike. I had a great time on twitter with those of us that were left wondering "Where's Rodney?! Where's John?!" Thanks to Kevin I was able to see video of Mandy at the finish line, and yes I cried.  

So, if you are looking for some great reading go check out these race reports! A lot of the reports are more than one post so I'll just link to their main blog. Go grab a coffee or a beer, a box of Kleenex and read about some amazing IRONMEN.

The Veterans

Bryan "the Captain"

Simon "mr. tapout".  I'm sure he'll get a report up soon, he needs some rest after tapping out Bryan at the #IMLP post race party at the Pig&Whistle

First timers

Rodney "the napper"

John "where the hell is John?!"

Mandy "the flasher"

I got my August training program from the coach, I'll see you in October!!

that's all I got...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

don't call

I'll be sat in front of my computer following along with my Ironman Lake Placid pals. I'll go do a run at the gym while they are on the bike, laundry while they are on the run and drinking beer when they cross the finish line.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

so I was...

Thanking everyone for the commiserating 'ouch' comments on my fall. The knee is superficial but painful, you know how papercuts hurt the worst, same type of deal. I love that the hip bruise, which is quite spectacular, didn't show up for 2 days. Elbow is pretty bruised as well now.

Laughing when Ian offered me some training because I fall so often. I really appreciate the offer but am pretty sure there isn't any special 'stop being a dumbass' training he can provide. You'd think these bruises would be more than enough training.

Relieved because now that I have wiped out, I don't have to do it again til next year.

Not going to change my training schedule this week due to the fall, HTFU and all that, but I ran 5km on Monday night and things hurt much worse on Tuesday so I took it as a rest day (swapped for my usual Friday).. Hopefully things just get better from here. Short run and swim tonight. 

Happy that I joined LA Fitness, it's way too hot to run outside.  (quiet Rodney)

Slightly alarmed that there is a 20 minute limit on cardio equip when it's busy.  How is 20 minutes a workout?

Clicking on blog links and came across INFINIT Nutrition. My cycling teammates had told me about it ages ago and said I should look into it because I can't eat on long rides so they thought this might be good option for me. I saw (cool dude) Matty also uses it and he gave me some good feedback as well.  I hooked up with a rep, we created a formula, I placed my order and am waiting for it to arrive. I only wish it was here before I go cycling at Niagara on the Lake this weekend.

Excited to go cycling at Niagara on the Lake this weekend.  Not sure where we will cycle, Dana is in charge of that but it will be nice to cycle some flat roads and look at pretty scenery. Notes to self: STAY AWAY FROM GRAVEL, NO YOU CAN'T MAKE THAT TURN, STOP AND GET OFF YOUR BIKE!

Super excited for everyone racing Ironman Lake Placid this weekend!! I had wanted to go and meet everyone but had to ditch those plans as well. I'll be cheering from here, I swear you'll hear me. I plan to crack a beer for everyone I know that crosses the finish line. 

Thinking I might want to book Monday off. 

Wondering, I know Rodney, John, Bryan, Mandy and Simon are racing this weekend. Who else?!

Loving hearing from the IronCanucks about the half ironman race last week, they have some great stories and I love the pictures. What a team! 

Making up my weight loss spreadsheet again.. Tracks calories in and out and predicts weight loss. It's a pain in the ass to keep up but it's pretty accurate from a math perspective.

that's all I got...

stupid blogger upside down pictures!
ps - it's been weeks since I picked up my mail, most of my bills come via email (except one, oops) but I got a postcard from Ian.. yay!!!   thanks buddy!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

at least I'm consistent

A few of us went and rode the sprint tri course for our race in Sept.  I had forgotten how I dislike the hills on the way out but I did em without stopping and kept to between 10-12km per hour on each uphill, more of a slow incline than a real 'hill'.  On the way back I topped out at 49.9km.  I love riding and anything under 50km is fine by me, over that and I get too scared.  I averaged about 35km on the way back but it's pretty much all downhill.  When we got back to the car two of us rode past for an extra km or so and at the turn around I didn't unclip and the street was too narrow and I ended up in gravel.

When will I ever learn?

superficial but stingy
after wipe down, thanks Rhona!
hurts the most, can't bend it now, ugh
that's all I got... (thank god)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

first swim of the year

First swim back this year and it was a coached session with Nancy at the Y.  I was pretty impressed with my 50y time and my 100y time considering I haven't swam since 2010.  Nancy said my time is even faster than hers but she can do lots of 100's in a row, I need to rest.  It's good to suck at only 2 out of 3 sports and with practice I know I'll get faster.  We did some great drills to improve my stroke but overall I do pretty good.  Practice, practice, practice.

First run tonight at LA fitness.  I usually skip a run when it's hot out but now I have access to a treadmill close to home, no excuses!!  Gearing up for my 'long slow run' which is more like a 'sad slow walk' on Saturday and then a bike ride with a few teammates on Sunday.  I even loaded all my workouts into my iCal on my MAC.  Now just have to remember to charge the darn Garmin!! 

I am still trying to make the switch to WP so please lookout for my questions, you know who you are.  Once I get the framework in place then I can start with widgets.  TOMORROW!! 

I'm very excited to hear how the IronCanucks do at Musselman this weekend.  I've seen a few of them and they are all excited and nervous but I've seen them train, I know they are going to kick major butt.  Incidentally there will be a picture of the team in our local paper, today.  My coach is sweet, she listed me as 'absent' even though I pulled out several months ago.  They are talking about training for IMMT and another half next year, I'm IN for the half. 

Matty, you can put your hand down now.

that's all I got..

An amazing team with our sponsor

Monday, July 11, 2011

catching up and nothing of interest

I've been reading and catching up on blogs but stupid blogger won't let me comment!!!  That phucking infinite loop is back so I'm not ignoring you, I'm reading, I have things to say.. and I can't say them.. and you know how that annoys me.

Nothing of interest to post on my end.  I did join LA Fitness this past weekend because the new club rate was going for $30 monthly and they have a pool and the treadmills have funky ipod set up.  Swim tonight, brick with the ladies tomorrow. 

I should have been racing this past weekend but even though I didn't a few of my friends including Mrs. LOTC did and she did amazing and I can't wait to hear all about it first hand.  My IronCanucks team are racing Musselman this coming weekend and I'm really excited for them. 

As for me... meh

My hero

that's all I got..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Raise your hand if...

you are way behind in blog reading...

you are way behind in blog posting...

you are way behind in training...

you are sick of looking for your mojo...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

so I was...

excited to find out that Jillian Michaels is podcasting.  I used to listen to her radio show every week and was bummed when it was cancelled.  You can find her on itunes or click here for a direct link to a website that has the 'listen now' button

actually bummed to miss my team workout last night.  Traffic was awful, we left late too so we turned back and went for a beer.  I've made better decisions in my life but hey, you only live once. 

loving my new iMac.  Need to pick up a new desk for my home office that will fit the monitor, found one cheap at Canadian Tire, yay

still in wordpress hell.  If only I could master the basics, but I WILL!

sorry for the short and sweet, back to WP

that's all I got...

Friday, June 17, 2011

What happened?

So I bought shesaidineedagoal.com via blogger (for now) and now all my blog links are gone so I can't find most of you via normal means and I can't see my followers and how annoying is this?! I am going to have to catch up via my google reader for now until I can get this wordpress stuff finished.  I'm not ignoring you!

Birthday dinner for Hunter was good, there were 23 of us, all was going good and then someone at another table was celebrating a birthday so round 1 of happy birthday.  Everyone just kinda stopped, forks midway to our mouths and I'm sure I wasn't the only one singing in my head 'dear Cheech!!' when they got to that part.. it was a bit of a punch in the stomach.  Then the second time it happened it was eyes darting around the tables, 'is everyone ok?'.. yup, moving on..  the third time I just ignored it and kept talking.

Early bike ride tomorrow.  Taking a girl that just started with the M-BIM to sideroad-1 for a bit of hill training.  7am wakeup call.  Someone remind me to pick up some coffee cream on the way home from work, it's going to be a very early morning. 

that's all I got...

(no pics again and I can't find Matty's blog so I can't even swipe one from there)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Sweet 16 Hunter

Dear Hunter,

Today is your 16th birthday. 

Happy Sweet 16 baby!

I've been trying for a while to figure out what I could say today but I just end up deleting whatever I write.  Whatever I write just feels empty... meaningless...  irrelevant...  hollow...

I've been eyeing this day on the calendar since you left us, not knowing how we will get through the day and I'm still not sure but at least we will be together.  Me, your mom, Dayen, Jim, Chris, grandma A, uncle Mark and a bunch of others.  We will celebrate your life, and be incredibly grateful we had the honour of calling you a daughter, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, a cousin, a friend, our Cheech.

You were loved so much by so many in your short time here with us. I don't know if we know yet how to live in a world where you don't exist but we are stepping through the days, together.  You are always on my mind.

It's hurts to laugh here without you
a piece inside of us is gone
so if you're looking down on me
I love you
and miss you
so much

Love Aunt Deenie

All for you
Everlasting love forever skies of blue
All in your heart
Never ending just a means for start
Comfort in your eyes
For the warmth inside your smile
Faith's done gone astray
It was you who made living all worth the while
Oh I thank you my child
It was you who made living all worth the while
Oh I thank you my child
With the touch of your hand
Amidst confusion I can see enough to understand
All my fears repressed
Oh lovin' you child it's the best
You're all & everything to me
Til the end of times you know you'll always be
Ain't no second guess
Oh you put my worried soul to rest

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Despite the 80 followers showing I know there aren't that many of you that read this consistently (but I appreciate every single one of you).  Your feedback and comments keep me motivated and never fail to make me laugh sooooo I have a question for you.

I am switching to WP and getting my own domain, yup I'm finally doing it, but the 'needagoal' url is already taken.  So what should I go with?


Any ideas, opinions would be much appreciated.

In other news, sideroad#1 repeats tonight with the Mommies for training.  I'm a team leader, now THAT is funny.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Do I look different?

Maggie, Mia, Spencer and Marley
I finally did it, I bought an iMac on the weekend.  Aside from the whole music transfer (which was my old PC issue) the rest of it was unbelievably easy.  I got a desktop iMac, this allowed me to spend more money on fun stuff.  It took me the better part of a day to copy the music from my old PC to my external hard drive, then plug it into the iMac and that transfer took less than an hour.  Sadly I lost all my playlists, not sure why so I had to redo those and that took a while.  The cool part was while I was transfering music and downloading/updating my podcasts I could actually do other stuff on the computer.  SHOCKER!!  I still can't figure out to do the basic of things like save / retrieve a file but I even did a back up of all my devices and my entire computer. 

Do I look different? 

Saturday I went for a training session with the coach, we did SR1 and Walkers Line.  I was surprised, in the past my legs would be burning on even the smallest hills right away but I think all those spin classes, a new bike and knowing how to gear much better this year has made a huge difference.  We didn't go too far and my legs didn't feel the slightest bit sore or tired.  I can't wait to get out there again and I will, tomorrow night with the Mommies/Babes in Motion. 

Saturday night I visited on of my besties and she had 5 dogs at her house.  3 are hers and two were visitng.  I was in puppy heaven! Ok they aren't all puppies, but I call every dog a puppy.  They wore out the black lab puppy Spencer, he is new and was toast by the time we went in the house. I have other pics but for some reason even though I rotated them when I saved them they are coming into the blog sideways.  No clue why that's happening.

I also have (but can't post,argh) pictures of the race simulation my coach hosted this weekend prepping the IronCanucks and others for Guelph Lake olympic this weekend.  Even though I am not racing until later in the season I always like to hang around so I volunteered.  There were probably 40 or so people participating and I had a great time!!  I might have to go to Guelph Lake and cheer some people on this weekend.

Busy week ahead for me and I have some major catching up to do with your blogs.  What's up with you guys?

ps - loved this post by Rodney.  Go give it a read.