Monday, July 11, 2011

catching up and nothing of interest

I've been reading and catching up on blogs but stupid blogger won't let me comment!!!  That phucking infinite loop is back so I'm not ignoring you, I'm reading, I have things to say.. and I can't say them.. and you know how that annoys me.

Nothing of interest to post on my end.  I did join LA Fitness this past weekend because the new club rate was going for $30 monthly and they have a pool and the treadmills have funky ipod set up.  Swim tonight, brick with the ladies tomorrow. 

I should have been racing this past weekend but even though I didn't a few of my friends including Mrs. LOTC did and she did amazing and I can't wait to hear all about it first hand.  My IronCanucks team are racing Musselman this coming weekend and I'm really excited for them. 

As for me... meh

My hero

that's all I got..


Julie said...

I keep wondering if they are ever going to fix that stupid posting issue! I read at work alot and can't post with IE so if I forget to re read when I come home I don't get comments posted... GRRR!

Glad to hear from you!

Matty O said...

Yeah that cyclist got JACKED up. He is a BAMF!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

There is a work around for comments, I should post how to do that.

I stomach felt instantly sick when I saw the crash, I hope they charge that driver with something, both riders got back up and raced, miracle!!!! Both are BAMF in my book

Still Running said...

When I got stuck in the loop, I discovered that un-checking the "keep me signed in" box, or whatever it said, worked. Haven't had a problem since, though I have having to put in user name and password every time.

Caratunk Girl said...


I thought I was your hero??

That video was ridiculous of that driver hitting that cyclist.. I can't believe they both got up and kept racing!

;) ha ha

Julie said...

Still Running thanks a ton for that comment! Seems to work for me! I'm thrilled to be able to comment at work now!

Colleen said...

I honestly cringe every time one of the riders goes down. And then the next day they are all bandaged, riding faster than every. I don't get it... maybe I'm just a big baby! :)