Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I got double dog dared!

Here's the update.  I got some awesome (and scary) feedback on my bet so here's what I've got so far.

PedalmanTO from twitter has bet a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Champagne if I complete the challenge, my punishment, no drinking for 30 days AFTER what would be the last day of my program.  Hello people, it's patio weather.

Dede from real life has promised me season 3 of Californication, one of my favourite shows (don't judge people) if I complete the challenge, my punishment, she will take me to Smoke's poutinerie where she will order delicious poutine and I will be made to drink water whilst she chows down on the yummy food.

Sukhi from real life and twitter, but she never tweets said I could make up my reward and I chose a new pair of running pants if I complete the challenge, my punishment is, and I must quote her is "you have to apply to "How to Look Good Naked Canada". I get to fill out your application and submit photos, and of course you do get to see them before I submit them. And of course if you apply and get selected, you have to do it."  I barely shower nekkid so yeah, this is gonna work. You know I was thinking though, since the punishment is so severe I should have made her buy me a Nike Pace watch thingy cause I really want one of those but I wasn't on top of my game, or hey a GARMIN!!! 

My awesome step mother's sister, which makes her my step aunt except she's a year older than me maybe, has promised me a BBQ and drinks on her deck with her amazing family (and I'm hoping the infamous Luke) if I complete the challenge. She did not specify a punishment but far be it from me to point that out.

I also got double dog dared by a pal in Vancouver, see, I'm getting motivation from across the country!! 

So, do you want to know where I am?  Well here it is, my midweek update.  Challenge started on Sunday.

My weekly workout parameters are:
3 runs no less than 6km or 45 minutes - 1 run done, 6km
2 bike rides no less than 30 minutes each - no bike yet, was going to go tonight but weather kept me from it cause I'm a chickenshit cycler.
Minimum 1 swim a week, 1000m or more - swim complete, 75 minutes, at least 1250m, more like 1500, I lost count after 40 laps
2 weight workouts per week, no less than 30 minutes can be circuits or just weights (pushups, etc) - 1 weight workout circuit complete, 30 minutes

Write down everything I eat, no wait, POST everything I eat (if that won't keep me honest, nothing will) I am going to check out DailyBurn for posting my food, probably better than loading the blog with it.
Eat healthy, NO junk for 30 days - day 3, all healthy, NO junk despite the chocolate in the office, and no overeating, calories between 1200 and 1500 per day
Minimum 64oz water per day - When not working out I spend most of my time in the bathroom, so yes, got it.
Take fishoil and multi vitamin every day - I am getting these although I generally forget and end up taking them before bed.
Max 2 alcoholic drinks per week (or perhaps none at all) - saving up for Saturday, hello Stella

I have no idea what just happened to my fonts.. argh
Thanks to everyone that is playing along, if you want to be added to the double dog dare me list please lemme know.  Of course if you want to buy me something really expensive, like a treadmill, Garmin, new shoes, wetsuit I'm not gonna refuse.


Wait, this just in!! TrainingPayne has TRIPLE DARED ME, he even used all caps like that.  And when an ironman TRIPLE DAREs you, you have to do it?  

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh yeah? wanna bet?

Taking a page from Bryan who bet his son cold hard cash to complete a workout regimen for 3 months I was thinking this could be fun, so thought I would put it out there.  Terms are as follows:

24 workouts in 28 days (6 days a week)

My weekly workout parameters are:
3 runs no less than 6km or 45 minutes
2 bike rides no less than 30 minutes each
minimum 1 swim a week, 1000m or more
2 weight workouts per week, no less than 30 minutes can be circuits or just weights (pushups, etc)

Nutrition would be:
Write down everything I eat, no wait, POST everything I eat (if that won't keep me honest, nothing will) 
Eat healthy, NO junk for 30 days
Minimum 64oz water per day
Take fishoil and multi vitamin every day

Max 2 alcoholic drinks per week (or perhaps none at all)

So, you could play along within my parameters, make up your own, or just bet me something (doesn't have to be monetary) that I won't complete this challenge.  But hey if you wanna bet cash, I like cash.. hahahahahha

Challenge starts tomorrow Sunday April 25.

Any takers?  help a girl out? 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wrap it up, I'll take it

Got home from work, long day, tired, blah blah blah..  I was planning a run, the same route I scoped out with a walk yesterday, 6km.  On the way home I was telling my carpool pal that I was tired and just wanted to lounge on the couch, and he said 'just stay home, relax, you've had a hard day'.  I walked in the front door, directly upstairs, changed and headed out.

I don't run much outside so I thought I would do 1 minute run, 1 minute walk and see how it felt.  From the minute I started my run my lungs were screaming, I couldn't catch my breath and my heart rate was high but I thought HTFU and kept going. Not every run is going to feel good and relaxed.  I just arrived home and checked my stats.  I actually ran 6km in the same time it took me to run my 5km race 2 years ago.  Nice, I will only get faster from here.

Now I stretch.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Emergency? 911? anyone? a bandaid?

Last night I met Jackie for a ride out on my new favourite route.  She had already done 110kms that day but said it was good to get out and give her legs a spin.  This is something I'll never understand, you have sore muscles so the same day you ride a billion kms you go back out to ride some more.  At any rate I was very appreciative that she took the time to come out with me to walk me through the gears, stopping, and other fun stuff.  This time I was alot more comfortable on the bike and I might even venture to say that it was fun.  She was tracking speed on her computer and we got up to just over 20kms per hour, I'll take that.  The gloves I picked up helped ALOT, my wrists didn't hurt nearly as much and I may have even taken my hand off the handlebar for a split second but that could also be a rumour. 

We rode up and back on the route and then she left me to ride home.  I thought ok self, don't pack it in, go one more time on your own so I headed out again.  When I got to the end I unclipped and stopped as I approached the stop sign at the end of the road.  Once stopped I sorta hopped on one foot because my left foot was still clipped in to turn the bike and I started to teeter to the left, I tried to save it but my teeter went way further than a totter and there I was in the middle of the road, on me arse, laughing my head off. I mean, we all knew this was going to happen but who here thought it would happen while I was basically stopped? A show of hands please.

I got back to the car, photographed the injury, tweeted it out for everyone to enjoy and packed it in.  When I got home I was going to post but my computer 'Windows XP Defender' came up and start flashing all kinds of messages at me about malware and sensitive files being at risk and I better get online so I could remove the files!!  I disconnected from the internet and started a anti-virus and malware scan with my antivirus.  As a precaution I called the bank and had them change the password on my internet banking just in case cause I like my money in my account! This morning when the scan had finished my CA had indeed found some malicious files including 'Windows XP Defender' so I quaranteened everything and shut down.  We'll see what happens when I get home.

Wrap up: 
Second time on the bike was MUCH better than the first time
I am scared to go fast but hopefully that will get better with practice
I like the route I'm riding, it's great for a first timer except the turkey vultures that were chowing down on a dead animal (ewwww)
Triathletes look extremely cool when they meet you for a ride
I look really ridiculous next to a triathlete when riding (hello fashion disaster)
Other cyclists are really friendly, they say hi as they race past you
You can still ride with a skinned knee
It's more fun to laugh when you fall then get overly embarrassed and upset

Monday, April 12, 2010

Peepeepants, or thank god those bike shorts are padded

Now Peepeepants was the name of my dog, well is the name of  my dog but that's another show Oprah (and for the record her name was actually "Little Sister" but you can imagine why we called her peepeepants).. ANYWAY...  So today my twitter pal B sent me a great beginner bike route to try out.  My pretty Pinarello had been sitting in my living room mocking me day after day.  I would eye it fearfully from the couch thinking, tomorrow I will take it out, tomorrow.. yes TOMORROW..   after B spent his time telling me about the route and being helpful I mulled over taking it out (wait for it), tomorrow.  

As I drove home from the office traffic was light and I made great time so as I pulled into my driveway I thought, that's it, TODAY is tomorrow!!  I changed into my bike shorts, t shirt and put my running shell on over top.  Gathered my helmet, my shoes, filled up a water bottle, grabbed the bike and off I went.  Now after another twitter guy (I won't mention any names JOHNPROC), said something about another route being a great one for beginners which I KNEW to be so hilly my car can barely maneuver it I thought I would be smart so I drove the recommended route to check it out first.  There are a few hills and turns at the start but as I drove I realized B was right, it's pretty flat and there was barely any traffic and I saw at least 4 other cyclists.  I drove to the end of the route and decided to just do half and back.  It's short, SUPER short but I'm on my own and it was a start.

I got the bike out of the car, got myself all suited up and headed down the road.  Now the route is not far at all, maybe 5km but I thought once I was out there I could go further if I wanted.  Clipping into the pedals was quite the experience the first time and I was shaky, really shaky.  I was shaky because of nerves, this was nothing like I had expected it to feel at all plus jesus christ IT WAS COLD in my biking shorts.  My upper body was fine with the t shirt and running shell but brrrrrr for my legs.  I headed down to the first stop sign and decided to turn back once I figured out how the hell to stop and turn around.  There really should have been video cameras there to capture the event on film but I didn't keel over so I'm considering this a victory.  I even managed to take a picture of this momentous even. It's very pretty out there.

I headed back to the car, I was holding on for dear life, the bike was shaking because of me, plus there was wind plus I was cold but I kept pedaling.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to change gears, well I knew how to change them but when I was pedaling I felt like it was too easy and I kept trying to get it so I wouldn't have my legs spinning and spinning.  FINALLY figured it out, well ok, I didn't but I pushed the gear thingy and it got harder, but now it was way too hard.  It's no wonder Jackie offered to take me out for a ride, cause who the heck knows how to work these things.  I coasted back to the car and decided that was it for one day.  It was a very quick ride but I got out there so it will be easier next time.  I left the bike in the car and I'll be out again tomorrow or Wednesday, weather permitting (and Jackie's schedule).

A few items of note, it's too cold for bike shorts stupid!!  I need to relax more, I was holding on for dear life so my neck and upper back were very tense.  Oh and what is with my wrists, they HURT while I was riding, really hurt like when I am lifting weights.  very very strange.  Maybe gloves will help?

I did it and I'm gonna do it again but I would still advise you all to stay off the roads ok!

One last picture of my pretty cycling shoes.  Cycling shoes are about the ugliest things I have ever seen but these are gonna grow on me I think.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

WHOOP, there it is!

So, there it is.. my bike, it's purty.  I should name it, haha!  I left work early to meet Jackie from the Tri club at NewWorld Cycle.  She had  brought the bike in for a tune up the day before so it was all ready waiting for me.  I picked out some tri shoes and Jeff was really patient while I wandered around trying to decide if they were ok.  Considering I don't have a clue what any of this is about I was glad to have Jackie there for advice.  Then they got me on the bike and did some adjusting, walked me through the gears and clipping in and out.  I picked up a shirt and some cheap cycling pants as well.  Wow those are attractive.. not so much.  Jeff also fitted the helmet Jackie gave me.  I'm going to have to get this woman a present.   I was really happy that the bike fit into my Cavalier with little problem except that I just realized that the middle seatbelt is already buckled and even though I spent ages trying to figure out how to unbuckle the thing, I couldn't.  The front tire comes off really easily and the bike is currently parked in my living room so I can look at it.  I think it goes with the furniture, my decorator will not agree.

We were going to go out for a quick ride after but the weather sucked and it's a bit windy so I'll take it  down to the lake on Saturday for a spin, at least I know it's flat out there and I hear it will be sunny.

Sunday swim class starts again, There are 8 more weeks of that and there is the tri club opener at NewWorld on Sunday as well.  I have a friend to run with on Monday nights and a guy I used to work with cycles so he said he'd take me out with his group which will be great. I'll be in the back but at least I'll have people around when I crash.  Then there are all the 'new to tri' classes the TCOB are putting on so that will keep me very busy for the next month or so.  They have swim, run, bike, transition and 2 bike fixing classes.

Now I am going to go and look at my bike some more.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't look at me!

Enough slothing on the couch!!  Got off my butt today and went out for a walk/run.  Mapped out a 6km route that ended at a nearby Tim Hortons so I could get a coffee on the way home.  It was cool in the house with the breeze from my open windows but when I got outside in my long running pants and jacket I realized I was mistaken.  I put the jacket around my waist and kept going.  I didn't bring water either... ok lessons learned.  I ended up ditching the Horton's stop and ran the rest of the way home through a park.  I'm generally mortified to walk/run past people so my idea was to run past people so I'd get it over with faster.  Do you know how many people are out walking in Burlington today?

I feel good, now I need a cold shower and then I think I'll clean up.  I have tomorrow off too, this is great!