Monday, May 30, 2011


I've been off work since Thursday and it's no joke, the less you do, the less you want to do but I've had some much needed extra rest and quiet time.  Friday night was a 50th bday party for a very good friend of mine and I haven't seen any of these people since Hunter died so it was a bit emotional for me.  I was exhausted quickly though and had the personality of a wet dishrag most of the night.  It was good to get out and see these people though, they are extremely important to me. 

I was completely mixed up with my dates / times etc this past week.  I thought the birthday party was on Saturday night so imagine my surprise when my ride contacted me on Friday night and said they'd be here in 30 minutes to pick me up.  I also thought that the Brian Smith Charity ride was on Saturday but was informed no it's Sunday. Although I pulled out of the ride I did volunteer.  I love love love helping my coach Nancy out at any of her events and I will be riding next year.  

Mommies and Babes in Motion team training starts tomorrow and Nancy and I will be getting together to put together a personalized training program up to my two races this year.  I got to see alot of the team on Sunday at the ride and as well my Iron Canucks teammates which was fantastic.  They are just the most amazing people in the world, I could go on and on about each on individually but I won't (you're welcome).  I expect my "so I was" post on Wednesday will have ALOT of ouch and jesus that hurt in it.

Not alot to post and I have some major blog catching up to do but I'll leave you with some pictures from Sunday.

waiting for some sunshine @ 7:00am
some teammates (Daryl)
anyone got a sammich?? (Rodney)
start of the 140km group
start of the 140km group from my post
start of the 76km group
post race beer, I needed one too!!
 that's all I got...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

so I was...

Meaning to clarify, yes I rode the bike with the new helmet last Friday, great ride!

Pained to be reminded how quickly your butt loses any sort of tolerance to the bike seat.  I was dying after 15km, well my butt was.

Planning to take spin class tonight to work on that butt tolerance

Interested to see how the rest of the week is going to be

Excited to meet a new friend. She is new to triathlon and I am hooking her up with the coach and the Mommies in Motion team, a great way to ease into it. She inherited the Pinarello after me!!

Happy to be volunteering on Sunday at the Brian Smith Charity Ride. I was originally going to ride it but swapped out to volunteer due to my lack of training. I love being the cheering section and helping out.  Also throwing water at Rodney.

Confessing that I'm a little in love with my sister's pug Mark Anthony

Celebrating Memorial day with my American pals by taking the day off too!!! I'm supportive like that.  Can you say bike ride!!

Recommending, no demanding that you go here and read the full story, start with this post and read up to current.  MOST inspiring story of the year!!  EMZ you are amazing!

Speaking of EMZ, we were tweeting last week, I sent her pics of bags of milk (udder) and The Beer Store.  I love Canada!  Then the beer store started following me on twitter.  We may have something going, just sayin'

that's all I got...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


have i mentioned that George rocks?
I had the day off yesterday (in case you missed me tweeting that 72 times).  I went to MEC to look at helmets but was not happy with their selection so I headed off to Neworld Cycle.  These guys have always been good to me and somehow I always end up at their store.   I saw Jeff immediately and he hooked me up with a Trek helmet that is really comfortable.  We chatted, caught up.  I gave him chills when I told him about the tattoo and how it came about and then almost made him cry when I told him about Hunter.  My work here is done.  We had a good chat, then I headed home to gear up, pump up my tires, load up the car and down to the lake for a ride out and back to Confederation park.  It was amazing.  The path was pretty quiet which is just how I like it.

stupid lift bridge
Then home to shower, but not before being stuck at the lift bridge for about half an hour which sunburned my left arm only, it still hurts.  I put make up on (yes I really did!!) and went out for dinner to Canyon Creek with two of my favourite people on the planet.  I think we are all moving to Cabo to live our lives out on the beach and drinking too much.  When?! When?!  (LOL)

Up and out early to get my 'hair did', then home to prep for dinner with two pals.  Hopefully not too hung over tomorrow and my sister is coming by for a visit with Mark Anthony.

Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend!  Hope all the racers are PBing today!

that's all I got...

Wait, one more thing, what's a Candian May "two four" weekend without a stop at my favourite shop...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

so I was...

meet Mark Anthony
Looking forward to meeting my sister's new dog, a pug called Mark Anthony. Not for the singer but some Bugs Bunny cartoon reference. I don't watch cartoons, don't be hatin'

Loving the pics that my sister is sending me of her kitton called Karl Pilkington, Karl is a girl. Don't ask

Thinking it's funny that I get excited to follow celebrity tweets and blogs and then quickly delete them. They aren't nearly as interesting as my current line up of real life people

Reading Rob Lowe's new autobiography, it's not bad

Excited that my friend Mike is back in town, get out the Vinturi!!!

meet Karl Pilkington(ster)
Beyond excited that there will be sun in the weekend weather forecast

Laughing at all the threats of ass kicking that I received yesterday. Not laughing AT the thought cause that is scary but laughing at the words they used

Listening to Lifehouse, on eleven

Impressed with all my racing teammates and friends this past weekend, everyone rocked it but this you gotta see. Talk about hardcore

Wondering why the pic of my (mine?) and Dede's tattoo from a few posts back has been downloaded more than a dozen times. Can someone explain this to me?

Planning a run to Tim Hortons to get a coffee as soon as I'm done this

Sending love to Mandy and John. I am here if you need me. RIP Bailey, you will be missed. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo

Grateful everday

that's all I got...

RIP Bailey, you are loved

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sick of me yet?

It's ok, I am too...

Up and down, up and down, the freaking roller coaster never stops… not bad one day, a mess the next.  Not bad one minute, a mess the next.  This is the reality of grief I guess.

I have been spending ALOT of time with an old friend lately. Someone I know very well... too well... and someone I don't really like. This person is me, the old me. The me that smokes too much (keep reading before you start yelling at me ok), drinks too much, sits on the couch just hiding away from everyone and everything. Someone that is afraid of everything and everyone. I hate it but it felt comfortable. I hate it but it's what I know, that's what I do and what I turn to when things get bad.  I can tell you that things have never been quite as bad as they have been these last 5 weeks.

For the last two weeks I've felt pretty restless though, unhappy with my state of mind, who wants to be miserable all the time anyway? I was relieved with the restlessness, maybe something has changed after this past year. Who knew you could change at 45 years old (don't tell anyone). It's so easy to go backwards but I know in my mind that its only temporary and I don't want to be her anymore, I don't want to be here anymore. This morning I emailed coach Nancy, I may be out of the half this year but I need a program to focus on the women's only sprint in September and half marathon in October. I even told her my goal times for both races, WTH? I don't want to train, remember this is me we are talking about but I know I'll feel better if I do.. And I do MUCH better with a structured program and coach Nancy checking in on me.

so pretty
~ program from the coach to start Monday
~ quit smoking on Tuesday. Yes I mean it.. Please come kick my ass if I don't
~ mommies in motion team training starts in 3 weeks or so
~ coach Nancy's group cycling starts soon

Still crying but I'm moving ahead.. Please feel free to heckle, email, text, yell, tweet if you don't see stats starting Monday or just come over and smack me in person. Even though I've been mostly out of touch I've still been finding loads of inspiration through your blogs and tweets. I *still* wanna be like you guys. :-)

that's all I got...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so I was...

Hoping that I would have something positive or inspiring to say, but I don't

Happy to get this Friday off

Planning to wake up early, drink coffee, drive to MEC, buy a helmet, drive to the lake and RIDE

Wondering how I can lock my bike on my car so I don't have to drive to MEC, then drive home, then drive back to the lake. Sadly my bike rack is easily removable so this makes the bike easily removable as well. I could just take the bike into the store with me I guess… and wear my sexy biking shorts, trust me, it's not a good look for me

Scheduling to have my new tattoo done this month, it's a memorial piece for Hunter so I don't want to wait on it. It's going to be very pretty

Hunter would be thrilled
Excited that Hunter's Sick Kids page has raised over $900. This doesn't include any donations from the funeral/visitation, these are just since the page went up. Thanks to EVERYONE that donated and all your kind comments, they mean the world to us. If you are looking to donate to a great cause please consider this one. 

Grateful to Jason for putting up a page about Hunter and then a post about the page

Gonna tell you the story about why my sister gave me my nickname (if you are on my facebook you'll see her post it on my wall) but decided not to.  It's pretty funny though, maybe one day. Only a few, very important people get to call me that and live

Thinking about getting 'just junk' to come by and take away a lot of the crap that has been piling up around my house. They are well worth the price, they come in, and lug it all to the truck and then drive all your junk away, I love that.  It's time to de-clutter

Trying to decide what picture I should put up with this post.. Tulips it is, and my friend Bruce's new Harley.. It's not 'new' but it's new to him and very cool

that's all I got...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

so I was...

It is Wednesday isn't it?

Grateful for the amazing friends I have in real life and in my blogging, tweeting community.  Jason from CookTrainEatRace has posted a tribute/donation page for Hunter.  Thank you Jason, for that and your kind words.  You are simply amazing.

Still praying for some sunshine and I hear there is some on the way.

Not impressed when I woke up to see that the birds are nesting yet again in the light on my front porch.

Impressed with their determination, that's for sure, this is the third one!!

Sometimes shocked that I can still be so naive at my age.

Bummed when I found out the Women's Only Tri at Kelso on Labour Day is not having an Olympic distance this year. 

Searching for another Olympic distance race to shoot for, something late August, early September.

Counting calories, back at it

Wishing I didn't have to go into meetings for the next 3 hours


that's all I got...

Oops, I wanted to also put a direct link to Hunter's Sick Kid's donation page.  Donations are NOT required but in case you want to.  This weekend I will try to figure out how to put a direct link with a Donate button on my sidebar... anyone wanna help?