Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stripped, but not in the Christina Aguilera way

Work is crazy this week what with my boss and the VP off and an implementation hot on my heels so I planned a week off training so I wouldn't stress sessions I couldn't make.  Training starts heavy on Saturday morning @ 8:00am with Tawnya, who is apparently so busy doing cardio she has no time to post, haha.  8am, what the hell was I thinking?  Anyway 60 minutes of weights with her and I fear a hill sprint or speed sprint or something else vomit inducing.  Following that I'll continue with 30 minute run or bike, depending on what equipment is available and Sunday is swim.  I set up a killer schedule to get me through the next 13 weeks of training so that I can complete my 5km race on May 15.  5km is really no big deal but for me, it will be a huge accomplishment especially if I can beat the time of my first (and only) one which should be easy considering I shuffled through that one.  Still waiting on my OAT membership so I can register for the races but I have the try in June and sprints in July, Aug and Sept.  When I asked Tawnya about which sprint I should do, August or Sept she suggested both, and I listened.. I wasn't even drunk.. My credit card is at the ready!

Today I saw some pics of my gym posted by the owners Mindi O'Brien.  They have recently renovated and the place is looking super good.  Then I saw the step up thingers, the big one that we use for my circuits and I winced a little and my quads cried a bit.  I use this facility when working out with Tawnya and I use the "Y" for swimming and bike/run.  I'd rather bike/run at CHPC because I prefer their equipment but I have to get used to the "Y" at some point.  Hopefully soon.

I saw my massage therapist and she started to strip my shins a bit and we're hoping we can do enough work so that I don't suffer as badly as I did when I was running back in 2008.  I hear this shin stripping can get kinda painful, I hope I can knuckle through it because really nothing is worse than shin splints.

That's all I got...

wait, I lied.. I'm going to need lots of support to get me into this schedule so feel free to tweet, email, call, text, heckle me to ensure that I go.  Apparently I cave to peer pressure.

NOW that's all

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mommy? mom? ummm help?

This week I have been to see my trainer twice and both times she tried to kill me.  She had me deadlifting 85lbs on Monday (and I did them) and 10 burpees in a row, no stopping which I almost sorta did, and on it went.  These circuits are killer!  

And then....  there was.... tonight.  Ever worked out doing circuits and it left you crawling on the floor in a pool of your own sweat calling for your mom?  That was me about 2 hours ago.  We did circuits except tonight in between push ups and lat pull downs and dumbbell rows I was doing hill sprints and sprint runs on the treadmill.  Talk about getting your heart rate UP and staying UP.  My body is in complete shock!  Instead of doing 20 last pushups I opted, actually I begged,  to just stretch and then I did an easy 30 minute ride on the bike.  I didn't have alot of gas left in me  but there was still sweat involved.  

Looks like I need to put more sprint interval running in my weekly program, they kick my ass and I feel great when I'm done.  Wait, perhaps I should define 'great', I feel accomplished while drooling on myself.

I just got out of a hot hot hot bath, I mean hottub hot and am hoping my shins and quads and arms survive the night.  Don't call the doctor yet.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No whining! ok, maybe a little

So, last week sucked for getting my workouts in.. I worked late 4 out of 5 nights and by the time I drove by the gym I was just too spent to even consider it. We are implementing a client between now and July and have a few spikes coming up, last week was one, end of Feb will be another as my boss is off so that leaves me basically runnin’ the joint. haha not really but much busier than usual. Last week of Feb and first week of March will be like this, and then ups and downs until mid-July. I can’t miss that many workouts so I needed to figure out what to do. Of course there was only one answer and although I kept trying to find a way around it there just isn’t. So this morning I channeled my inner ‘runnrgrl’ and woke up at 4:45am. I slogged my way to the Y for 5:30am when they opened to get my run in, all in a major sleep deprived haze. Despite my best efforts to get everything I need set up for me because I knew I’d be half asleep at that hour I raced out the door only to realize halfway there that the shake I had made was sitting on the counter in the kitchen, so, here’s me trying to get up energy for a run with NO fuel whatsoever. I know loads of people do this so I pushed through. I did not have a great run but my heart rate was good and I managed 36 minutes at a slightly slower pace than normal.

Good things about morning workouts:
The newer treadmills were availabe and they are NORMAL, or at least more like what I am used to so I was able to do my usual speed plus they had a cool readout.
NO kids in the changeroom
Very few people there at all
Loads of parking to choose from
My workout is now finished and I won’t spend most of the day dreading it after work
NO kids in the changeroom (not that I don't like kids, honestly, but  they run around the changerooms like maniacs)

Bad things about morning workouts:
Showering at the Y completely sucks, I don’t like carting all my stuff with me and there are no ‘private changerooms’.. I’m just gonna have to get over that one, at least the showers and changeroom aren’t busy

I figure I only need to do this twice a week, once for a run on Tuesday and once for bike on Thursday, OR I could switch my bike to Friday night and take Thursday as a rest day instead of Friday. For some reason working out on a Friday night doesn’t bother me. Regardless this is doable and it really is much nicer at the Y in the early morning.

Note to self: The pool was really busy so probably not a good idea to go and get a swim in that early.

Now I need MORE coffee

Friday, February 5, 2010

Burn baby burn.. not THAT kinda burn

Background. My trainer is also my friend, I met her in Jan 2007 when I started working out at Goodlife and over time we became friends. She lives a ways outside the city so when she has long stretches of time between clients she will occasionally go to my house and relax there as I’m only about 10 minutes from the gym. She is a great houseguest, cleans up after herself and often even picks up after me. It’s a little alarming sometimes though as I don’t know when she’ll be coming by and I have gotten texts from her while at work that say “Why is there pizza in your fridge”. BUSTED! So last week we were texting, she mentioned she was going to go to my house for a few hours between clients. I

Me: how are your legs? (she had just finished a leg workout with her trainer)
Her: Shaky. I have bad news
Me: What bad news
Her: um… there was a fire
Me: What?
Her: no response
Me: ???????
Her: no response
Me: in my house??????
Her: no response
Me: Can you call me?
Her: no response
Me: ???????
Her: no response
Me? Freaking out

Her: yup, how much do you love your Rachel Ray pan?

I called her and apparently she went to cook some chicken, she turned the oven on and didn’t realize I store my baking pans and a few frying pans in there. My RR pan does not have a heat proof handle.  If I could only figure out how to post a pic I'd have started this post with a pic of the pan.

So, not much to report on the exercise front. We’re doing an implementation at work so I’ve been working late all week and missed most of my workouts. Things aren’t going to get better for a while so I’m going to try a new plan next week. Morning workouts. I suck at getting out of bed but there will be pluses if I get them done first thing. Tues and Thurs mornings will be early, Mon and Wed will be evenings. I hope this works out better for me because I really want to get all my workouts in.

That's all I got.....