Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mommy? mom? ummm help?

This week I have been to see my trainer twice and both times she tried to kill me.  She had me deadlifting 85lbs on Monday (and I did them) and 10 burpees in a row, no stopping which I almost sorta did, and on it went.  These circuits are killer!  

And then....  there was.... tonight.  Ever worked out doing circuits and it left you crawling on the floor in a pool of your own sweat calling for your mom?  That was me about 2 hours ago.  We did circuits except tonight in between push ups and lat pull downs and dumbbell rows I was doing hill sprints and sprint runs on the treadmill.  Talk about getting your heart rate UP and staying UP.  My body is in complete shock!  Instead of doing 20 last pushups I opted, actually I begged,  to just stretch and then I did an easy 30 minute ride on the bike.  I didn't have alot of gas left in me  but there was still sweat involved.  

Looks like I need to put more sprint interval running in my weekly program, they kick my ass and I feel great when I'm done.  Wait, perhaps I should define 'great', I feel accomplished while drooling on myself.

I just got out of a hot hot hot bath, I mean hottub hot and am hoping my shins and quads and arms survive the night.  Don't call the doctor yet.

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