Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stripped, but not in the Christina Aguilera way

Work is crazy this week what with my boss and the VP off and an implementation hot on my heels so I planned a week off training so I wouldn't stress sessions I couldn't make.  Training starts heavy on Saturday morning @ 8:00am with Tawnya, who is apparently so busy doing cardio she has no time to post, haha.  8am, what the hell was I thinking?  Anyway 60 minutes of weights with her and I fear a hill sprint or speed sprint or something else vomit inducing.  Following that I'll continue with 30 minute run or bike, depending on what equipment is available and Sunday is swim.  I set up a killer schedule to get me through the next 13 weeks of training so that I can complete my 5km race on May 15.  5km is really no big deal but for me, it will be a huge accomplishment especially if I can beat the time of my first (and only) one which should be easy considering I shuffled through that one.  Still waiting on my OAT membership so I can register for the races but I have the try in June and sprints in July, Aug and Sept.  When I asked Tawnya about which sprint I should do, August or Sept she suggested both, and I listened.. I wasn't even drunk.. My credit card is at the ready!

Today I saw some pics of my gym posted by the owners Mindi O'Brien.  They have recently renovated and the place is looking super good.  Then I saw the step up thingers, the big one that we use for my circuits and I winced a little and my quads cried a bit.  I use this facility when working out with Tawnya and I use the "Y" for swimming and bike/run.  I'd rather bike/run at CHPC because I prefer their equipment but I have to get used to the "Y" at some point.  Hopefully soon.

I saw my massage therapist and she started to strip my shins a bit and we're hoping we can do enough work so that I don't suffer as badly as I did when I was running back in 2008.  I hear this shin stripping can get kinda painful, I hope I can knuckle through it because really nothing is worse than shin splints.

That's all I got...

wait, I lied.. I'm going to need lots of support to get me into this schedule so feel free to tweet, email, call, text, heckle me to ensure that I go.  Apparently I cave to peer pressure.

NOW that's all

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Stemmet said...

Good luck with the shins, hope you get through the stripping in one piece.

Enjoy the schedule and keep everyone posted on every session completed, then you will feel the pressure to complete next one,

Go, Go ,GO