Friday, February 5, 2010

Burn baby burn.. not THAT kinda burn

Background. My trainer is also my friend, I met her in Jan 2007 when I started working out at Goodlife and over time we became friends. She lives a ways outside the city so when she has long stretches of time between clients she will occasionally go to my house and relax there as I’m only about 10 minutes from the gym. She is a great houseguest, cleans up after herself and often even picks up after me. It’s a little alarming sometimes though as I don’t know when she’ll be coming by and I have gotten texts from her while at work that say “Why is there pizza in your fridge”. BUSTED! So last week we were texting, she mentioned she was going to go to my house for a few hours between clients. I

Me: how are your legs? (she had just finished a leg workout with her trainer)
Her: Shaky. I have bad news
Me: What bad news
Her: um… there was a fire
Me: What?
Her: no response
Me: ???????
Her: no response
Me: in my house??????
Her: no response
Me: Can you call me?
Her: no response
Me: ???????
Her: no response
Me? Freaking out

Her: yup, how much do you love your Rachel Ray pan?

I called her and apparently she went to cook some chicken, she turned the oven on and didn’t realize I store my baking pans and a few frying pans in there. My RR pan does not have a heat proof handle.  If I could only figure out how to post a pic I'd have started this post with a pic of the pan.

So, not much to report on the exercise front. We’re doing an implementation at work so I’ve been working late all week and missed most of my workouts. Things aren’t going to get better for a while so I’m going to try a new plan next week. Morning workouts. I suck at getting out of bed but there will be pluses if I get them done first thing. Tues and Thurs mornings will be early, Mon and Wed will be evenings. I hope this works out better for me because I really want to get all my workouts in.

That's all I got.....


Stemmet said...

Sorry to hear about the pan. Luckily she didn't set the house on fire. You must tell her that due to her mishap you are entitled to a pizza and no complaining about it from her. (haha) Hope the training goes better next week

Brybrarobry said...

A, at first I thought your house burnt down. haha.

Don't fret about the week. It happens.


She said I need a goal said...

J, She does owe me pizza but it will have to wait til after her show.

B, at first I thought my house burned down too!! Took me a while to calm down after but now I can't stop laughing.