Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get moving!

Wow, it's been a week since I posted, did you miss me?  haha  

Last Sunday I did 1000 meters in the pool, a whole thousand.  I was really surprised that I did that, it felt like alot and I was wiped out afterwards.  Swimming really exhausts me but I had a great time, relatively speaking.  I wasn't the fastest but I got it done.  After my swim I met a woman from the Triathlon Club of Burlington and signed up.  We met at Starbucks and chatted.  As you know I have about 30 pounds to lose, if I lose 30 pounds I will feel amazing but I will still not be thin however once I lose the 30 let the chips fall where they may, I won't care what I weigh.  When I told her I swam 1000 meters that morning you should have seen her face, it was priceless, really YOU swam 1000 meters??  I don't look it but after a year of pretty constant working out, I may be overweight but I'm pretty fit.  To her credit she also made the same shocked face when I told her I am 44 years old.  YOU are 44?  I love that one.

Tuesday I went to the Y and rode the bike and I think Tuesdays must be my bad days or something because as with my run the week before it sucked.  Not sure what was up, every pedal hurt, I couldn't get into it at all.  I hadn't been feeling well that day so perhaps that had something to do with it.  That and about 15 minutes into my session two gentlemen got on the recline type bikes in front of me and one of them either hadn't showered in a week or he must have eaten really bad food or something because the smell was awful!  Then 15 minutes later there was a stench to kill all stenches.  I had been riding with my eyes closed and when I looked beside me the hubba hubba hot dude had been replaced by a different guy and  he clearly had a real gas problem.  After 5 minutes I couldn't take it anymore, I got off the bike. I thought I would head to the treadmill for a run to make up for it, figured I could get in at least 20 minutes of running. Got on one treadmill, the thing wouldn't turn on, got on the second treadmill, I got all my data in but the that one wouldn't run either.  That was me done.

Wed/Thurs I was sick, cancelled my trainer session and parked my ass on the couch to rest. Last night I saw my trainer and she kicked my ass.  We did pull day, back and biceps plus burpees and mountain climbers and all the usual fun stuff, a full 60 minutes of weight circuit fun!!  

Today I see her again, following the push circuit with a 30 minute run.  Tomorrow I attend the swimming clinic with the tri club.  I'm a bit nerous because I don't like meeting new people plus the woman that signed me up won't even be there.  Not only do I have to meet new people but I have to meet them while wearing a bathing suit.  yikes!  I figure I'll get some good advice that will hopefully help me swim more relaxed and maybe a bit faster.  I want to do 30 minutes on the bike tomorrow as well but not sure I'll be able to fit it in.  

Wow this is a long rambling post but there you have it. 

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2010 - My Year! said...

What a great week, look at all you did despite being not well on Wed/Thurs!

I can't wait to hear about tomorrow's swim. They will love you! You have nothing to worry about worry-wart.