Monday, January 4, 2010

It's after midnight so it doesn't count

as three posts in one day!  Found my HRM and I'm embarrassed to say it was about 2 feet away from where I sit at this desk posting about it here, on my other blog, on twitter and facebook.  Right there!  YAY!

Thanks to the searching of every drawer in this house I know that I definitely need to clean them all out. I knew I needed to get rid of stuff but this was scary, not Hoarders scary, just 'jesus I have way too much crap' scary.  I will get a large green garbage bag, my task tomorrow is to fill it up.

And now I can sleep.

pee esss - this ugliness of my blog astounds me, I will also search for a new layout tomorrow.

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Brybrarobry said...

Maybe because I'm a guy, but I really like the look of your blog. haha