Sunday, January 17, 2010

I did not sink like a stone

So today was "D" day, well more like "S" day because I actually went to the Y, signed up and got in the pool.  The last time I swam any kind of laps I think I was about 12, after that age it was more swimming for fun at our cottage or the boat.  I had no idea how I was going to.  When I was 12, (just a few short years ago.. ok not so much) I did really really well in swim classes but I had no idea if I'd remember how to get from one end of the pool to the other doing anything other than the dog paddle..  but it was good!  Well good all things considered.  

I did about 20 lengths of the pool and splashed around and stretched with Sukhi.  She even said my strokes looked good, that I was pretty straight and wasn't making a big splash, unlike the older gentleman next to me.  She timed me for a lap and it was 25 seconds one end to the other. I don't have a clue how bad that is so I'm not going to analyze it, I'm just going to use it as a baseline. I was a bit freaked out when I got into a real lane and had to share cause I didn't want to crash into anyone and I'm happy to say I didn't.  I LOVED it!  I knew I loved the water as a kid but had no idea how I would feel about it now and wowsa, I feel PUMPED.

I should also mention that after yesterdays bike/weights session I was a bit sore this morning but after the swim I am hurting more, I'm not sure why and in strange places like my inner thighs.  Oh well.  My run today will be 30 minutes, I'm going to go easy and try to keep my heart rate at 136 as per MarkAllenOnline article that I read.  

Now I have a yummy SVLatte to drink and meet my friend for lunch.  Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

It just occurred to me, I'm really do this..  crazy stuff!


Brybrarobry said...

A, 25 seconds is EXCELLENT. I think my best is 20 seconds. You sound like a natural.


Anonymous said...

Way to go!


She said I need a goal said...

B - thanks! I did love the swim, could ya tell (haha) and I assure you they all weren't 25 seconds but they felt good. I was lapped several times by a young man, thankfully the older dude wasn't the one lapping me. :-)

MAO - how did you get here?? thanks!

Stemmet said...

Like Bryan said 25s for a first time in so many years is awesome. It took me very long just to get to 25s.
You can't go wrong if you train according to the MAO principles.
Hoped the latte was good, I feel like having one right now

Well done.