Friday, January 15, 2010

Rut Roh

Tonight after an extra long bad day at work I got a call from a good friend asking what I was up to.  With two days of double workouts in front of me I had decided I was going to come home and kick back and relax so when she wanted to get together of course I said yes!  Who can say no to great company?  NOT ME.

This girl is a  long time friend.  We have a bit of what I'd call an interesting history which I'll explain one day (if she agrees) but at any rate, we are soul sisters, sisters of the heart.  She completely GETS me in absolutely every way and when we hang out there is no pretending, it's just us no matter what we say.  She is also a frigging funny biatch...

Apparently after reading this blog (hahahahah) and listening to me go on and on and on about my latest fitness goal she thought she'd hop on board.  Seriously..  Tonight she told me she has entered into the Milton Try-a-tri.  I haven't even registered yet but she is ON IT.  The thought of doing this with her is amazing to me. especially her because we are both in the same place.  At some level of fitness but could stand to lose a few but once we commit, we can COMMIT.

So, I signed onto the site to register when I occurred to me that I wanted to join up with TCOB which would give me a few bucks off each race..  and then looking at the races I wanted to sign up for the two I had originally intended to sign up for, Milton and Muskoka but then I saw Niagara, Orillia and Guelph.  I might sign up more, somebody stop me!!  I damned near signed up for all of them.

This week I will call Jackie back (chick from TCOB), get my membership sorted and then immediately sign up for at least the first two.  Sunday I get into the pool and sign up at the "Y".  It's an exciting week(end) for me..oh and PLUS I have a session with my trainer tomorrow and some bike time.  I'm completely pumped.

PS - Tawnya, don't think because Sukhi has signed up you're getting out of it, you're coming with me..  to all of them!!  hahahahah (poor you)


Brybrarobry said...

Pull the trigger baby, pull the trigger. On my first year, I did a race almost every weekend to help get in shape and lose weight. My first was Milton and I came in 550 out of 600. I think I did 8 races that year. By the end of the year I lost about 40 or 50 lbs. You can do it!!!!

Stemmet said...

Good luck with the training this weekend. Always excited to sign up for a race. I find it so motivating to know your in and have a date to train for.

Good luck with all your races and remember always enjoy them as you never know if you will do the same race next year.

She said I need a goal said...

B - I think I will probably sign up for more, it will make for a really fun summer. You signed up for 8? you are nuts, lol. But now I'm MORE inspired. thanks pal

Stemmet, thanks for the luck.. I'm so excited to hear how your race goes this weekend.

2010 - My Year! said...

hahah.....You forgot to mention the tears while watching Kona Ironman!