Saturday, January 23, 2010


I ran today right after my weight circuit session with my trainer.  After the last run I was dreading it, afraid it was going to be awful but I decided no matter what the speed I was going to keep an eye on my heart rate, using my last good run as a marker.  It HAS to be the treadmills at the "Y" being different because I was at my trainers club so different treadmill again but I was able to run at my usual pace and my heart rate was great.  I feel SO much better, not to mention the 850ish calories I burned today.

Tonight I'm having yummy salmon and veggies for dinner.

A funny note, was talking to a friend that doesn't exercise and when I told her I had a horrible run this week she said she didn't understand what that meant.  The only thing I could relate it to was bad sex.  What is wrong with me.  She gets it now.


skierz said...

Love the non runner story! I guess your comparison relates it in a universal manner! Cheers

Rodney said...

Nice! Glad to hear today was better.

Anonymous said...

That's totally awesome! Gee, I wonder who you were talking too. :)

Brybrarobry said...

That's the difference between guys and girls. For guys there is no bad sex. haha

She said I need a goal said...

B - Diet coke just came out my nose laughing at that.

Rodney - thanks!

Skierz, I thought someone would get a kick out of that.

Ginger :- said...

LOL...I KNOW who you're talking about!! hahaha