Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yup, two posts, one day

I'm back!!!  So while I was drinking coffee today and perusing not only did I  join a mentor group, I also signed up for membership with 30 days of nutrition support to boot. Shushy you, I have issues.  I meant to sign up for Bronze membership but when I was done I saw that I had actually gone silver, I really need to PAY ATTENTION!!

Then before I headed off the gym I was perusing the training logs and decided, what the hell and imported one that looked doable and definitely more challenging than the one I had already laid out for myself.  So instead of a 20m run I did 24m bike and 12 minute run.  I have to tell you, my running sucks, I mean really awful.  I won't even tell you the speed I ran on the treadmill because it's just sad and I then I had to walk for about 3 minutes of that.  BUT this will improve right, today is just day one of a 20 week program.  I really like how I can see what's planned for the week and then enter in actuals and compare.. and nevermind.. you know what I mean.

Tomorrow I have a day off because I am smart and booked it knowing I would be dreading tomorrow so I'll see my trainer for 60 minutes of circuits and I want to go by Swim and Sport to check out bathing suits.  

Still haven't found my heart rate monitor, I may cry.. seriously, I love that thing.

24m bike
12m run
Calories burned today: approx 250
Calories burned in 2010:  approx 650 

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nobugsonme said...

Yeah for bike and run! You'll be surprised at how quickly running will come back....remember when we were kids and we'd just go running everywhere willy nilly.....imagaine that.