Thursday, January 21, 2010

The walk of shame

Not THAT walk of shame!!!

I dunno what the heck is going on but I went for a run tonight and what a disaster!  My last run was great, my heart rate was much better, lower than it had been in the past at a steady pace (as I boasted in another post).  So although I was dreading going for a workout tonight I got some awesome encouragement from a co-worker and my favourite tweeps and headed off to the "Y". 

I don't know if the equipment is totally different or what the heck was going on.  I did my normal 3 minute warm up.  On the Goodlife treadmills I would warm up at around 3.6 and then run between 4.8 and 5.0 at 3 minute run, 1 minute walk.  I started walking at 3.6 and damn near fell off the treadmill.  Slowed it down and when I started to run I put it at 4.8 and thought I might die, within 2 minutes my heart rate was in the 160s.  Slowed it down but I felt exhausted, I was more than happy to back off and walk for a minute, the next 3 minute section my heart rate skyrocketed again and I was only going 4.4 or something and I couldn't even last 3 minutes.  After that it was 2 minute run, 1 minute walk.  About 25 minutes into this run/walk/die sequence I wanted to go home but thought at least I could walk so I bumped the incline to 5% and walked for a few minutes watching my heart rate the whole time, I couldn't get it below 150. I managed a few run bursts and my shins felt the load but I pushed through as best I could.

Normally my heart rate goes high but my recovery is great as well, as soon as I walk my heart rate drops like a stone which I think is supposed to be good but even at a slow walk I couldn't get my heart rate below 145-150.   

So there it is.. it's out there, probably my worst run since the very first run I ever did.  I'm totally disappointed BUT there are some positives.  I got out there and did it, perhaps this equipment really is different than what I have been using at the other club, I burned alot of calories because my heart rate was so high and I can't say that I was slacking.  Next run will be better, I DEMAND IT!!

And now for a long hot bath where I will wash off the sweat and shame.. lol 


2010 - My Year! said...

hahaha - no shame, just sweat! Make sure you look after yourself, if you're coming down with something then get some some vitamins, whatever. Recovery time important!!! If this keeps up, go to the doctor!!!!

Brybrarobry said...

Just means your body is stressed. No big deal, we all get workouts like that. Regardless of the speed, if your in the right hr zone you'll get a good workout. You were smart going for HR and not speed. If you went to match the speed, that's when you can get injured. I'm sure your be back to your regular or faster speeds soon. Great job on pushing yourself to get there.


She said I need a goal said...

S - wanna come take care of me and feel me soup? haha

B - I'm trying to read more on heart rate. I'm mostly shocked that it spiked so quickly at what should have been an 'easy' pace. Oh well, I'll be back to kick that treadmill's ass on Saturday.