Friday, January 8, 2010

My heart

No, sorry folks, not a romance post.  When I started my last 'new program' in June which was focused on weight training, nutrient timing etc I stopped wearing my heart rate monitor to the gym.  I'm not sure why, I had always found it to be motivating in the past but I think at the time I was looking for a change and thought I'd take a different path.  Previous to that when working out my heart rate would not take long to shoot up to 80% and stay there for the duration of my workouts whether it be weight circuits or cardio.  I burned ALOT of calories back then.

So for the past year with pretty steady training for the most part I am wearing my HRM again and my heart rate is so much slower!  For my run the other day it stayed very low for me.  It used to spike in the 170s and I would slow down to drop it back to 150 before I get back at it again but the other day I did steady pace and the highest it got was the 160's and not for long at that.

Guess this means I'm fitter.  Nice  Or maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough.. hmmm

Today I did 60 minutes weight circuits with my trainer, tomorrow I run!!

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Brybrarobry said...

I'd go for door number one - "fitter".