Monday, May 30, 2011


I've been off work since Thursday and it's no joke, the less you do, the less you want to do but I've had some much needed extra rest and quiet time.  Friday night was a 50th bday party for a very good friend of mine and I haven't seen any of these people since Hunter died so it was a bit emotional for me.  I was exhausted quickly though and had the personality of a wet dishrag most of the night.  It was good to get out and see these people though, they are extremely important to me. 

I was completely mixed up with my dates / times etc this past week.  I thought the birthday party was on Saturday night so imagine my surprise when my ride contacted me on Friday night and said they'd be here in 30 minutes to pick me up.  I also thought that the Brian Smith Charity ride was on Saturday but was informed no it's Sunday. Although I pulled out of the ride I did volunteer.  I love love love helping my coach Nancy out at any of her events and I will be riding next year.  

Mommies and Babes in Motion team training starts tomorrow and Nancy and I will be getting together to put together a personalized training program up to my two races this year.  I got to see alot of the team on Sunday at the ride and as well my Iron Canucks teammates which was fantastic.  They are just the most amazing people in the world, I could go on and on about each on individually but I won't (you're welcome).  I expect my "so I was" post on Wednesday will have ALOT of ouch and jesus that hurt in it.

Not alot to post and I have some major blog catching up to do but I'll leave you with some pictures from Sunday.

waiting for some sunshine @ 7:00am
some teammates (Daryl)
anyone got a sammich?? (Rodney)
start of the 140km group
start of the 140km group from my post
start of the 76km group
post race beer, I needed one too!!
 that's all I got...


Anonymous said...

Mmmm Sandwich, what a good idea........

Matty O said...

Yeah... honestly, volunteers get post race beers too!!! Thanks for volunteering (even though I didn't do the ride) athletes can't do anything without volunteers! I need to start giving back.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for volunteering, I strongly believe that we should give back to the sport and thanks for taking the time to do so