Wednesday, May 4, 2011

so I was...

It is Wednesday isn't it?

Grateful for the amazing friends I have in real life and in my blogging, tweeting community.  Jason from CookTrainEatRace has posted a tribute/donation page for Hunter.  Thank you Jason, for that and your kind words.  You are simply amazing.

Still praying for some sunshine and I hear there is some on the way.

Not impressed when I woke up to see that the birds are nesting yet again in the light on my front porch.

Impressed with their determination, that's for sure, this is the third one!!

Sometimes shocked that I can still be so naive at my age.

Bummed when I found out the Women's Only Tri at Kelso on Labour Day is not having an Olympic distance this year. 

Searching for another Olympic distance race to shoot for, something late August, early September.

Counting calories, back at it

Wishing I didn't have to go into meetings for the next 3 hours


that's all I got...

Oops, I wanted to also put a direct link to Hunter's Sick Kid's donation page.  Donations are NOT required but in case you want to.  This weekend I will try to figure out how to put a direct link with a Donate button on my sidebar... anyone wanna help?


Julie said...

I will check out the donation page..

I too am often shocked to find I'm naive. I guess I wasn't quite as crazy as I thought as a youngster and I guess there more "bad" people out there then I think there is.

Hugs to you as usual...

Julie said...

Sorry about the meetings. That's a long time to sit around and talk about work :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

There is a HIM in September that Matty and myself will be at, just saying

Jason said...

So I Was sitting here thinking about the fact that I left out the donate one nickel for every mile I race on May 28th at the CapTexTri. Will need to get that in.

Or Maybe donate 50 cents for every minute I beat my 2:53 previous PR time by. Need to work on that.

So I Was hoping that life would somehow explain itself but I realized that is a fruitless hope and need to focus my energies elsewhere because life is what it is.

Thinking of you and the family today.

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

There's always Muskoka 70.3 on Sept 11th. Plenty of time to get ready.

It probably will the last race as the popularity has been dropping off

Matty O said...

I HATE MEETINGS! Honestly, I have one this afternoon too, STUPID, its a "think tank" type meeting where we all meet and throw out ideas. Wouldn't mind if 98% of the ideas weren't STUPID!

Waste of my time.

Caratunk Girl said...

I hate meetings. They are almost NEVER productive. Lots of people wanting to hear themselves talk.

Checking out Hunter's page. Find a JPEG you want to use for the link, then go to Design (in Blogger). In the gadgets, click, add a gadget (or widget? I don't know what they call it now) and then choose JPEG. Upload it. There is a spot there where you can add the web address. Email me if you need help. XOX

Anonymous said...

Blog blog blog!!!! I miss it when you don't right.