Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so I was...

Hoping that I would have something positive or inspiring to say, but I don't

Happy to get this Friday off

Planning to wake up early, drink coffee, drive to MEC, buy a helmet, drive to the lake and RIDE

Wondering how I can lock my bike on my car so I don't have to drive to MEC, then drive home, then drive back to the lake. Sadly my bike rack is easily removable so this makes the bike easily removable as well. I could just take the bike into the store with me I guess… and wear my sexy biking shorts, trust me, it's not a good look for me

Scheduling to have my new tattoo done this month, it's a memorial piece for Hunter so I don't want to wait on it. It's going to be very pretty

Hunter would be thrilled
Excited that Hunter's Sick Kids page has raised over $900. This doesn't include any donations from the funeral/visitation, these are just since the page went up. Thanks to EVERYONE that donated and all your kind comments, they mean the world to us. If you are looking to donate to a great cause please consider this one. 

Grateful to Jason for putting up a page about Hunter and then a post about the page

Gonna tell you the story about why my sister gave me my nickname (if you are on my facebook you'll see her post it on my wall) but decided not to.  It's pretty funny though, maybe one day. Only a few, very important people get to call me that and live

Thinking about getting 'just junk' to come by and take away a lot of the crap that has been piling up around my house. They are well worth the price, they come in, and lug it all to the truck and then drive all your junk away, I love that.  It's time to de-clutter

Trying to decide what picture I should put up with this post.. Tulips it is, and my friend Bruce's new Harley.. It's not 'new' but it's new to him and very cool

that's all I got...


Julie said...

So I was...wishing I could make this easier for you all.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to remember what your bike rack looks like and if what I use might work with it. Not sure, but let me tell you anyway...

I have a Yakima trunk mount security strap to help prevent someone from walking off with the bike rack from the car, which is a Thule trunk rack. This is the strap:

You wrap it around a part of the rack then stick the one end inside the trunk.

And then I have a cable lock to lock the bike to the bike rack.

Of course I haven't actually used the bike rack yet since I bought it over the winter, but it gives me a little peace of mind, in theory.

I hope Friday's a nice day for your day off!


She said I need a goal said...

Julie, thanks. It does get a little better.. I still have my moments though but just keep moving forward. :-)

D, thanks, I'll see if they carry those at MEC or local bike shop. Great idea. I'm so paranoid to leave my shiny pretty bike hanging around.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am in the same boat for the bike rack and bike, when I have to run errands with the bike, I pop off the front wheel and put the bike in the back seat of the car, wondering if that is an option for you

She said I need a goal said...

It is an option for me but I hate taking the wheel on and off if I can avoid it. This strap thing looks like it has potential.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back! A memorial tattoo is a GREAT way to honor and remember.

I'm not sure about the bike dilemma, Betsy is in my trunnk because I'm so afraid she'll fly off her rack and get hurt.

Allison said...

Still thinking about you and sending you hugs and prayers fron Texas....... sometimes a long bike ride is just what you may need :)

Matty O said...

George needs a security system installed on him ;)

Great post :) I need to find your nick name now and harass you hahaha.

I LOVE tulips, means spring is FINALLY here.

Love the fresh look, very positive vibe!

Jason said...

Digging the new look here. Maybe not new but new to me.

And I want to be one of the first to see the tattoo. I love tattoos and especially ones that have deep meaning.

Anonymous said...

I got the strap at Rack Attack in Mississauga on Dundas at Winston Churchill.

Love the new look - very fresh and spring-like!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my "bike", I do love it so. VERY glad you are getting back on yours, way to go!

Sorry I almost never check in here but I did warn you ;)

You are awesome to get a memorial tat but I knew that about you anyway. After all, you gave me a wicked present that I will enjoy over and over and over - and promise to think of you when I do.

- Bruce

michelle said...

I love how social media gets us places where we are meant to be- Jason and I were just mentioned together in a twitter comment, I didnt follow Jason but I went to his twitter page, then his blog, then read about Hunter than found your page........

And after reading a few post I am happy I found you.

So for now, stop praying for sunshine, the forcast for us isnt great!!

VanAwesome! said...

Girl I want those count down things you have until my races too!! How do you do them?....

P.S. It's great to see you blogging again :)

Also Mon night's will now be my swim night until the new L.A Fitness gym opens up (they have a pool!!!)
Let me know if you want to join :-)