Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't look at me!

Enough slothing on the couch!!  Got off my butt today and went out for a walk/run.  Mapped out a 6km route that ended at a nearby Tim Hortons so I could get a coffee on the way home.  It was cool in the house with the breeze from my open windows but when I got outside in my long running pants and jacket I realized I was mistaken.  I put the jacket around my waist and kept going.  I didn't bring water either... ok lessons learned.  I ended up ditching the Horton's stop and ran the rest of the way home through a park.  I'm generally mortified to walk/run past people so my idea was to run past people so I'd get it over with faster.  Do you know how many people are out walking in Burlington today?

I feel good, now I need a cold shower and then I think I'll clean up.  I have tomorrow off too, this is great!

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