Thursday, April 15, 2010

Emergency? 911? anyone? a bandaid?

Last night I met Jackie for a ride out on my new favourite route.  She had already done 110kms that day but said it was good to get out and give her legs a spin.  This is something I'll never understand, you have sore muscles so the same day you ride a billion kms you go back out to ride some more.  At any rate I was very appreciative that she took the time to come out with me to walk me through the gears, stopping, and other fun stuff.  This time I was alot more comfortable on the bike and I might even venture to say that it was fun.  She was tracking speed on her computer and we got up to just over 20kms per hour, I'll take that.  The gloves I picked up helped ALOT, my wrists didn't hurt nearly as much and I may have even taken my hand off the handlebar for a split second but that could also be a rumour. 

We rode up and back on the route and then she left me to ride home.  I thought ok self, don't pack it in, go one more time on your own so I headed out again.  When I got to the end I unclipped and stopped as I approached the stop sign at the end of the road.  Once stopped I sorta hopped on one foot because my left foot was still clipped in to turn the bike and I started to teeter to the left, I tried to save it but my teeter went way further than a totter and there I was in the middle of the road, on me arse, laughing my head off. I mean, we all knew this was going to happen but who here thought it would happen while I was basically stopped? A show of hands please.

I got back to the car, photographed the injury, tweeted it out for everyone to enjoy and packed it in.  When I got home I was going to post but my computer 'Windows XP Defender' came up and start flashing all kinds of messages at me about malware and sensitive files being at risk and I better get online so I could remove the files!!  I disconnected from the internet and started a anti-virus and malware scan with my antivirus.  As a precaution I called the bank and had them change the password on my internet banking just in case cause I like my money in my account! This morning when the scan had finished my CA had indeed found some malicious files including 'Windows XP Defender' so I quaranteened everything and shut down.  We'll see what happens when I get home.

Wrap up: 
Second time on the bike was MUCH better than the first time
I am scared to go fast but hopefully that will get better with practice
I like the route I'm riding, it's great for a first timer except the turkey vultures that were chowing down on a dead animal (ewwww)
Triathletes look extremely cool when they meet you for a ride
I look really ridiculous next to a triathlete when riding (hello fashion disaster)
Other cyclists are really friendly, they say hi as they race past you
You can still ride with a skinned knee
It's more fun to laugh when you fall then get overly embarrassed and upset


Brybrarobry said...

Awesome, now your really becoming a cyclist. I remember my first year back doing the same thing. Don't yah feel like a kid again? haha.

BTW, on that route I gave you, I'm not sure if you know, but it goes all the way to Derry. At Brittianana you have to go right for about 20 meters and it keeps going north again. The entire route is about 10 km from beginning to end.

Good riding.

She said I need a goal said...

Morning B, I do feel initiated!! I have been riding between Brittania and Derry because it's flatter, easier for me. It won't be long before I do the entire route, starting at Sideroad 2 and then I'll really feel accomplished! There are few turns and hills at the beginning so I want to get a little more practice before I start at that end. Thanks again, you were right, this is perfect for a beginner like me!

Brybrarobry said...

I was thinking on my ride the other day that the next thing for you to anticpate is being chased by dogs. Since you already got the scrape. Then one you start doing your down hills, you will gratuate to FULL cyclist status. haha. Your halfway there.


Johan Stemmet said...

As they say you only get 2 types of cyclist, The one who has fallen and those who still need to fall.

Before you realize you will be flying that route and will be looking for a new challenge


JohnP said...

Dogs. AKA interval trainers.

Nothing a little motivation to get the blood pumping.