Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh yeah? wanna bet?

Taking a page from Bryan who bet his son cold hard cash to complete a workout regimen for 3 months I was thinking this could be fun, so thought I would put it out there.  Terms are as follows:

24 workouts in 28 days (6 days a week)

My weekly workout parameters are:
3 runs no less than 6km or 45 minutes
2 bike rides no less than 30 minutes each
minimum 1 swim a week, 1000m or more
2 weight workouts per week, no less than 30 minutes can be circuits or just weights (pushups, etc)

Nutrition would be:
Write down everything I eat, no wait, POST everything I eat (if that won't keep me honest, nothing will) 
Eat healthy, NO junk for 30 days
Minimum 64oz water per day
Take fishoil and multi vitamin every day

Max 2 alcoholic drinks per week (or perhaps none at all)

So, you could play along within my parameters, make up your own, or just bet me something (doesn't have to be monetary) that I won't complete this challenge.  But hey if you wanna bet cash, I like cash.. hahahahahha

Challenge starts tomorrow Sunday April 25.

Any takers?  help a girl out? 


Johan Stemmet said...

Wow great to set this target. I am now taking a bit of a breather but post your results. I'm WATCHING You!! And don't disappoint us Girl

Pedalman said...

It is now officially tomorrow (12:27am) but here's the deal. Post it all, keep up your end of the deal in the parameters stated in this post and receive a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Champagne from me.
If you don't make it, you don't consume ANY alcohol for 21 days starting from what your official last day would be if you kept up your end of the bargain of 30 days. Deal?

Catharine said...

Brava! I can't place a dare seeing as how I'm too far away to exact any possible punishments, but how about an incentive? Direct tweet me: CommodoreCat

Anonymous said...

If you don't meet this challenge you've set up for yourself, you have to apply to "How to Look Good Naked Canada". I get to fill out your application and submit photos, and of course you do get to see them before I submit them. And of course if you apply and get selected, you have to do it. :-) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Let's go sucka!
With lots of love Sukhi

Brybrarobry said...

Nice set up. I like it. I'd bet you but it looks like I'm going to be down about $1000 in three months. haha.