Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I got double dog dared!

Here's the update.  I got some awesome (and scary) feedback on my bet so here's what I've got so far.

PedalmanTO from twitter has bet a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Champagne if I complete the challenge, my punishment, no drinking for 30 days AFTER what would be the last day of my program.  Hello people, it's patio weather.

Dede from real life has promised me season 3 of Californication, one of my favourite shows (don't judge people) if I complete the challenge, my punishment, she will take me to Smoke's poutinerie where she will order delicious poutine and I will be made to drink water whilst she chows down on the yummy food.

Sukhi from real life and twitter, but she never tweets said I could make up my reward and I chose a new pair of running pants if I complete the challenge, my punishment is, and I must quote her is "you have to apply to "How to Look Good Naked Canada". I get to fill out your application and submit photos, and of course you do get to see them before I submit them. And of course if you apply and get selected, you have to do it."  I barely shower nekkid so yeah, this is gonna work. You know I was thinking though, since the punishment is so severe I should have made her buy me a Nike Pace watch thingy cause I really want one of those but I wasn't on top of my game, or hey a GARMIN!!! 

My awesome step mother's sister, which makes her my step aunt except she's a year older than me maybe, has promised me a BBQ and drinks on her deck with her amazing family (and I'm hoping the infamous Luke) if I complete the challenge. She did not specify a punishment but far be it from me to point that out.

I also got double dog dared by a pal in Vancouver, see, I'm getting motivation from across the country!! 

So, do you want to know where I am?  Well here it is, my midweek update.  Challenge started on Sunday.

My weekly workout parameters are:
3 runs no less than 6km or 45 minutes - 1 run done, 6km
2 bike rides no less than 30 minutes each - no bike yet, was going to go tonight but weather kept me from it cause I'm a chickenshit cycler.
Minimum 1 swim a week, 1000m or more - swim complete, 75 minutes, at least 1250m, more like 1500, I lost count after 40 laps
2 weight workouts per week, no less than 30 minutes can be circuits or just weights (pushups, etc) - 1 weight workout circuit complete, 30 minutes

Write down everything I eat, no wait, POST everything I eat (if that won't keep me honest, nothing will) I am going to check out DailyBurn for posting my food, probably better than loading the blog with it.
Eat healthy, NO junk for 30 days - day 3, all healthy, NO junk despite the chocolate in the office, and no overeating, calories between 1200 and 1500 per day
Minimum 64oz water per day - When not working out I spend most of my time in the bathroom, so yes, got it.
Take fishoil and multi vitamin every day - I am getting these although I generally forget and end up taking them before bed.
Max 2 alcoholic drinks per week (or perhaps none at all) - saving up for Saturday, hello Stella

I have no idea what just happened to my fonts.. argh
Thanks to everyone that is playing along, if you want to be added to the double dog dare me list please lemme know.  Of course if you want to buy me something really expensive, like a treadmill, Garmin, new shoes, wetsuit I'm not gonna refuse.


Wait, this just in!! TrainingPayne has TRIPLE DARED ME, he even used all caps like that.  And when an ironman TRIPLE DAREs you, you have to do it?  


Pedalman said...

If you win, you'll soon be drunk, well fed and wearing a new pair of pants. However if you lose you'll be sober, naked and hungry.

She said I need a goal said...

That is a very excellent point, sober, naked and hungry.. I wonder which one is worse? I don't intend to find out.