Sunday, May 2, 2010

imabe imabe

Week one complete, all workouts completed, nutrition was on track and I'm tuckered!   but yayyawnyay  I got out on the bike yesterday too.  I drove the route and it's 2.5kms from where I start to the turn around.  Jackie from the club had told me it was only 2kms so I was happy to see it's a bit longer than that.  There is virtually no traffic there on a Sunday morning which was awesome, except one guy that was pulled over to the side having a conversation on his cell and then a nap.  I saw loads of cyclists who are all very polite by the way.  I tried very hard to be polite back but I'm still not comfortable enough to wrench my hand off the handlebars at all to give 'the wave'.  Now I would like a route that has little traffic and is about 5kms end to end, any ideas?  I know I'm a baby but the bike still freaks me right out.

Today I start all over again in an hour with swimming and I really need this coffee.

Wanna see a real ironman?  

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! One week down, three to go!