Saturday, May 22, 2010

vacation baby!

Wow's it's been a bit since I posted!  I am officially on vacation from work and as of 8:30am I have only checked my work email once since I left last night.  I really don't want to check it this week but not sure if I'll be able to help myself.  I don't have any plans for the week other than to sleep in and relax.

So, the DDD (double dog dare) challenge.  I am happy to report that despite my lack of posting, my computer completely crashing, my iPhone crashing, death of a friend and work craziness that I completed the challenge successfully.  I missed 3 workouts in total, 2 bikes and a run and yes I'm still considering this a success.  I know this does not grant me the rewards but I definitely sure it doesn't require that I go on that show "How to look good naked" (sukhi).  I'm going to ramp up for round two with a few changes to the program, see below for details.  I am really happy that I got out there, even on nights when I got home late and didn't feel like running I went out and walked, even more interesting is that once I got out there, I ran most of the time anyway.  I saw some good gains in my running and am enjoying just getting outside.  It's so easy to just sit in the house after a long day of work but the run/walk really takes away all the day's stress. Weight workouts were easy, I used my DVDs.  Not nearly as good as a workout with my trainer Tawnya though and I bought some dumbbells for the house.  More on this later.  

Swim was super easy because of the weekly swim club but the bike may be the death of me and my tri dream.  I did get out there but the fear just isn't going away.  I reached out to my friend from the tri-club and told her I was having a real problem with this and maybe she'll have some ideas for me.  I am not sure what to do about it. It kind of reminds me of when I was learning to drive, driving scared the crap out of me.  I got my license at 39 years old (stop laughing) and it took me years to get over the fear.  I finally did get over it and now can't imagine my life without a car but I dunno about this bike business.  Nevermind my own fear of just plain riding and then there is all the cyclists that have been killed recently.  I have another pal that is getting back into cycling and he has agreed to ride with me.  We tried to hook up several times over this past month but work and weather did not cooperate. I'm hoping we can get out when he gets back from his cool motorcycle trip to New Orleans (have a beer for me Craig!!).  Maybe riding with someone would make it better.

On the nutrition front, there were no drive thrus, no donuts or french fries which I am really pleased with but I could have made some better choices overall.  You should invest in lettuce though because I ate more salad in the last month than I have in the last year. My pants ARE looser (yay!) and I'm staying off the scale for now.  I did play fast and loose with glass size regarding the alcohol once or twice and boy am I glad this challenge didn't bleed into my vacation. 

SO, I'd like to go again, another 4 weeks starting May 31.  Basically with the same parameters with a few adjustments.  You can feel free to double dog dare me if you like.  Here they are:

My weekly workout parameters are:
3 runs no less than 6km or 45 minutes but this time, must be a run everytime
60 minutes of bike riding, can be one or two sessions
Minimum 1 swim a week, 1000m or more
60 minutes of weights workouts/circuits per week - I am joining my trainers weekly bootcamp cause no one can kick my ass like she can.
I can miss up to one session per week but 'I don't want to' or 'I don't feel like it' are NOT acceptable excuses.

Eat healthy, NO junk for 28 days, max 1400 calories on non-training days

The usual water, multi and fish oil

While I'm off this week I'm going to clean out my basement and set up a little gym down there.  I am hoping to get a treadmill from a co-worker and a universal (for free, how cool is that).  And just because I'm not on a challenge for my vacation doesn't mean I won't be working out, OH NO.  I'm excited to get out there this week because my schedule is going to be free and easy and my cycling friend is back from his vacation.  

PedalmanTO I will let you decide if you want me to accept your punishment (no drinking for 30 days) or if you want to go for round 2.  We could go double or nothing, 60 days of no drinking if I am not successful.  What do you think?

Today my friend is bringing her dog to hang out with me and I can't wait to see her.  She is a doberman rescue and she is BAD but SO sweet.  I hope she doesn't eat my coach.

That's all I got.  


Brybrarobry said...

Nice work. Your doing great and with all the other cyclists getting killed, the odds are in your favour you won't. (dark humour). You got look at the glass as being half full. haha.


Pedalman said...

First and foremost, I'm proud of you. You slipped from the track a few times but instead of saying 'To hell with it' you kept going after your goal.
Now on to the bet. I'm willing to renegotiate but with an added ante. You can either do the 30days now and be done with it or go for broke. Hit all your targets this next go around and not only receive the bottle from your first challenge but also receive a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape from my collection. However if you don't hit your targets, you go no drinking for 75 days(that's 2.5months). Remember this will also fall in the time of Bryan's donor Summer party in which you have an invitation.
What do you think?

Brybrarobry said...

I think you and pedalman should get a room. haha.

She said I need a goal said...

Pedalman - you're on, double (and a half) or nothing. I'm IN.

B - it's true, all those deaths may just ensure my own life from an odds perspective. As for the room with me and Pedalman, I didn't wanna step on yer turf. lmao

vweiss said...

I hear ya about the "bike" being a challenge.
i swear the only time Im comfortable on the bike is when its "race day" and I know there are no cars.
Sounds like you are doing great though!!

Pedalman said...

Excellent! I've have now pulled the bottles and marked them with your name and date.
Haha, B. got burned! Nice one, I couldn't think of a witty comeback.

Craig said...

I am back and ready to ride!
Sunday morning I am going for a ride