Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well my awesome plans for the week have all been busted since I woke up sick on Monday morning.  On Tuesday I was actually laying on the couch under a blanket and it was 28 degrees in the house. How annoying!  I have had some bursts of energy which are being expelled by some major house purging.  I am happy to report that the basement has been shifted and a plan to remove much of the junk but the rest of the house is beginning to look like a bomb hit it, I'll need to get everything back in it's place tomorrow.  After that undertaking I was flat out on the couch for the rest of the day.  Around dinner time I started to feel a little more human, took a freezing cold shower, had some Otrivin and a beer.  

I am hoping things are looking up.  I have to head to Toronto on  Friday and then to Kitchener overnight on Saturday.  I would love to get in a swim, run and bike before Monday.  Here's hoping the beer knocks it outta me tonight and I feel right as rain tomorrow.  


Pedalman said...

Otrivin+Beer sounds like a winning combination. Hope you're better for the weekend. Toronto on a Friday is always a good time and you can ride the bike path along the water. Saturday you can go for a run and Sunday is a great day for a swim. Or you could just stick to beer and Otrivin.

She said I need a goal said...

I am on the upswing. Looking forward to getting into the city tomorrow but no riding. Meeting an old friend for lunch, really looking forward to it. Then home to the chiro to get my back cracked. I stayed off the Otrivin today and only had 3 beers.