Monday, May 31, 2010

I hate the fonts on this blog.....

So my challenge starts today and I'm still sick with the never ending cold and running on 2 hours sleep so I'm going to bed very soon. Today I heard back from my friend at the tri-club re the email I had sent her a week ago and she recommended I get in touch with Nancy Hastings for some coaching.  I checked out the website and her rates seem very reasonable and it will be good to have someone to check in with.  We connected by phone and  I gave her the rundown on my situation and we already have a plan of action, she doesn't mess around.  Tonight I have to pick three races and get back to her, she'll make up my weekly training program from there and she's taking me out biking next week.  

She has recommended July 18 in Gravenhurst for try-a-tri and then Aug 8 in Niagara and Sept 4 in Guelph.

The only change to my challenge will be to complete the workouts as provided to me by her rather than go with my own plan but I expect this will be mostly the same. I'll go by my own program until she sends me one for me and the challenge will end at the end of HER program, 4 weeks from the time I receive it.  See you get an extra week or two for free, haha.  I get free access to her weekly biking group, she assured me they have a 'novice' group that would be perfect for me, they also do weekly open swims at Gullivers Lake (wherever that is) and she also invited me to run with her running group tomorrow.  

That's all I got, it's almost bed time.


Johan Stemmet said...

hope you feel better soon. congrats on getting a coach. they make a huge difference, you will see. the most important thing is to trust her and do what she says even if it is not making sense some days, they know better.


She said I need a goal said...

Thanks Johan, I'm excited and she runs a group that are all training for the same race so I am joining that as well.

Ian said...

Now a coach in your corner was a great idea. It will really help in all aspects but especially on the bike.
I like the idea of getting an extra week or two. I'm looking forward to the progress reports but more so the email titled 'I did it and I'm thirsty!'