Monday, April 12, 2010

Peepeepants, or thank god those bike shorts are padded

Now Peepeepants was the name of my dog, well is the name of  my dog but that's another show Oprah (and for the record her name was actually "Little Sister" but you can imagine why we called her peepeepants).. ANYWAY...  So today my twitter pal B sent me a great beginner bike route to try out.  My pretty Pinarello had been sitting in my living room mocking me day after day.  I would eye it fearfully from the couch thinking, tomorrow I will take it out, tomorrow.. yes TOMORROW..   after B spent his time telling me about the route and being helpful I mulled over taking it out (wait for it), tomorrow.  

As I drove home from the office traffic was light and I made great time so as I pulled into my driveway I thought, that's it, TODAY is tomorrow!!  I changed into my bike shorts, t shirt and put my running shell on over top.  Gathered my helmet, my shoes, filled up a water bottle, grabbed the bike and off I went.  Now after another twitter guy (I won't mention any names JOHNPROC), said something about another route being a great one for beginners which I KNEW to be so hilly my car can barely maneuver it I thought I would be smart so I drove the recommended route to check it out first.  There are a few hills and turns at the start but as I drove I realized B was right, it's pretty flat and there was barely any traffic and I saw at least 4 other cyclists.  I drove to the end of the route and decided to just do half and back.  It's short, SUPER short but I'm on my own and it was a start.

I got the bike out of the car, got myself all suited up and headed down the road.  Now the route is not far at all, maybe 5km but I thought once I was out there I could go further if I wanted.  Clipping into the pedals was quite the experience the first time and I was shaky, really shaky.  I was shaky because of nerves, this was nothing like I had expected it to feel at all plus jesus christ IT WAS COLD in my biking shorts.  My upper body was fine with the t shirt and running shell but brrrrrr for my legs.  I headed down to the first stop sign and decided to turn back once I figured out how the hell to stop and turn around.  There really should have been video cameras there to capture the event on film but I didn't keel over so I'm considering this a victory.  I even managed to take a picture of this momentous even. It's very pretty out there.

I headed back to the car, I was holding on for dear life, the bike was shaking because of me, plus there was wind plus I was cold but I kept pedaling.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to change gears, well I knew how to change them but when I was pedaling I felt like it was too easy and I kept trying to get it so I wouldn't have my legs spinning and spinning.  FINALLY figured it out, well ok, I didn't but I pushed the gear thingy and it got harder, but now it was way too hard.  It's no wonder Jackie offered to take me out for a ride, cause who the heck knows how to work these things.  I coasted back to the car and decided that was it for one day.  It was a very quick ride but I got out there so it will be easier next time.  I left the bike in the car and I'll be out again tomorrow or Wednesday, weather permitting (and Jackie's schedule).

A few items of note, it's too cold for bike shorts stupid!!  I need to relax more, I was holding on for dear life so my neck and upper back were very tense.  Oh and what is with my wrists, they HURT while I was riding, really hurt like when I am lifting weights.  very very strange.  Maybe gloves will help?

I did it and I'm gonna do it again but I would still advise you all to stay off the roads ok!

One last picture of my pretty cycling shoes.  Cycling shoes are about the ugliest things I have ever seen but these are gonna grow on me I think.


Johan Stemmet said...

WOW, Well done. It will get easier the more you ride. You must remember this day as soon you will be flying along on your bike and won't believe hos hard the first ride was. Getting use to the clip on shoes is something.

Glad you went out and did it, well done

Brybrarobry said...

Congrats on your first ride. Don't worry about the shoes and the shakiness, we've ALL been there. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll adjust and be riding like a pro.

She said I need a goal said...

Johan, thanks, that is why I posted as soon as I got home, I know it will get better and better but it will always be fun to go back and remember where I started. First time on a bike in about 30 years!

B - thanks again for the route suggestion. Somehow I doubt your first experience was anything like mine. I don't see you for a minute being scared and shaky, rolling down the road going 'ohhhhh, ah, oy!! yikes.. ohhhhhh, woooahhhh, ohhhhh ahhhhh'. But I always appreciate your support.

JohnP said...

Oh you make me laugh - "..I pushed the gear thingy..." omg lol :)

I still think you should have done my route. It can only get easier from there! :)

To funny...

I'm feeling left out. Maybe I should setup one of these umm blogging things for me too. I'll think about it I guess. :)


She said I need a goal said...

But you are laughing 'with me' not 'at me' right?

I will do your route when you do your ironman, when is that exactly? ;-)

Definitely get a blog!