Wednesday, July 20, 2011

so I was...

Thanking everyone for the commiserating 'ouch' comments on my fall. The knee is superficial but painful, you know how papercuts hurt the worst, same type of deal. I love that the hip bruise, which is quite spectacular, didn't show up for 2 days. Elbow is pretty bruised as well now.

Laughing when Ian offered me some training because I fall so often. I really appreciate the offer but am pretty sure there isn't any special 'stop being a dumbass' training he can provide. You'd think these bruises would be more than enough training.

Relieved because now that I have wiped out, I don't have to do it again til next year.

Not going to change my training schedule this week due to the fall, HTFU and all that, but I ran 5km on Monday night and things hurt much worse on Tuesday so I took it as a rest day (swapped for my usual Friday).. Hopefully things just get better from here. Short run and swim tonight. 

Happy that I joined LA Fitness, it's way too hot to run outside.  (quiet Rodney)

Slightly alarmed that there is a 20 minute limit on cardio equip when it's busy.  How is 20 minutes a workout?

Clicking on blog links and came across INFINIT Nutrition. My cycling teammates had told me about it ages ago and said I should look into it because I can't eat on long rides so they thought this might be good option for me. I saw (cool dude) Matty also uses it and he gave me some good feedback as well.  I hooked up with a rep, we created a formula, I placed my order and am waiting for it to arrive. I only wish it was here before I go cycling at Niagara on the Lake this weekend.

Excited to go cycling at Niagara on the Lake this weekend.  Not sure where we will cycle, Dana is in charge of that but it will be nice to cycle some flat roads and look at pretty scenery. Notes to self: STAY AWAY FROM GRAVEL, NO YOU CAN'T MAKE THAT TURN, STOP AND GET OFF YOUR BIKE!

Super excited for everyone racing Ironman Lake Placid this weekend!! I had wanted to go and meet everyone but had to ditch those plans as well. I'll be cheering from here, I swear you'll hear me. I plan to crack a beer for everyone I know that crosses the finish line. 

Thinking I might want to book Monday off. 

Wondering, I know Rodney, John, Bryan, Mandy and Simon are racing this weekend. Who else?!

Loving hearing from the IronCanucks about the half ironman race last week, they have some great stories and I love the pictures. What a team! 

Making up my weight loss spreadsheet again.. Tracks calories in and out and predicts weight loss. It's a pain in the ass to keep up but it's pretty accurate from a math perspective.

that's all I got...

stupid blogger upside down pictures!
ps - it's been weeks since I picked up my mail, most of my bills come via email (except one, oops) but I got a postcard from Ian.. yay!!!   thanks buddy!


Matty O said...

love it.

yes, be careful on turns and gravel ;)

Sounds like a GORGEOUS ride this weekend! jealous!!!

Yeah, our rec center has the 20 minute rule too. Was nice when Heather and I had our long runs during snow storms and we went up there during peak hours. 2hrs on a treadmill what?! Me? A treadmill HOG??? NOOOOO :) Sorry "Soccer" moms, go watch your kids, I WAS HERE FIRST!!!!!

Don't listen to those "recommendations" on machine use haha.

Candace House said...

Well, if you only have 20 minutes, you could always do Peak 8s.

Oh my God! Did I just write an exercise comment? I have to look out the window! Is the world ending?

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, I don't intend to listen to those recommendations. If I have to do a long run I'll do a long run. Long runs are on weekends so at least I can get up and go early so avoid the hot hot hot.

Candace, 20 minutes even with peak 8's won't replace the long runs I need to do. and yes you DID write an exercise comment.. go to the gym, go to the gym NOW!! haha

Anonymous said...

lmao at Candace!

Looking forward to our ride this weekend...I think you will like the scenery! :)


Julie said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! I'm looking forward to tracking IMLP!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I can elp with the training, we can just wrap you in bubble wrap then let you free on the bike or sidewalks with ice

Jason said...

Now you may not have a problem with obesity in Canada but we do down here and it might be the 20 minute rule. I am launching an investigation. Yup the 20 minute rule is part of the problem.

BTW - 20 minutes up there is what down here? 5 hours?

Quinton J said...

please take monday off...and enjoy the ride at niagara on the lake this should be gorgeous.

oh...and plese be careful.