Thursday, July 14, 2011

first swim of the year

First swim back this year and it was a coached session with Nancy at the Y.  I was pretty impressed with my 50y time and my 100y time considering I haven't swam since 2010.  Nancy said my time is even faster than hers but she can do lots of 100's in a row, I need to rest.  It's good to suck at only 2 out of 3 sports and with practice I know I'll get faster.  We did some great drills to improve my stroke but overall I do pretty good.  Practice, practice, practice.

First run tonight at LA fitness.  I usually skip a run when it's hot out but now I have access to a treadmill close to home, no excuses!!  Gearing up for my 'long slow run' which is more like a 'sad slow walk' on Saturday and then a bike ride with a few teammates on Sunday.  I even loaded all my workouts into my iCal on my MAC.  Now just have to remember to charge the darn Garmin!! 

I am still trying to make the switch to WP so please lookout for my questions, you know who you are.  Once I get the framework in place then I can start with widgets.  TOMORROW!! 

I'm very excited to hear how the IronCanucks do at Musselman this weekend.  I've seen a few of them and they are all excited and nervous but I've seen them train, I know they are going to kick major butt.  Incidentally there will be a picture of the team in our local paper, today.  My coach is sweet, she listed me as 'absent' even though I pulled out several months ago.  They are talking about training for IMMT and another half next year, I'm IN for the half. 

Matty, you can put your hand down now.

that's all I got..

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Matty O said...

Thank goodness, my fingers turned blue from lack of blood flow!!!!

Way to finally hit that pool again :) hopefully you got the OK to keep at it now.

Yes, convenience to running is a good and bad thing... mainly good for winter :)

Glad you got it in and were able to get a check mark on the schedule :) Its the simple things that mean the most some times :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Still jealous, even after your tweet reply, I have lost all speed, gone, left town...... sighhhh

Jason said...

That calendar is going to be your best friend b/c you will see the workouts get checked off and you will know that you did them.

You are going to be great.

Julie said...

Yea for swimming!!!! Double yea for fast swimming!

MandyB said...

nice to see you back on the workout wagon :)