Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oh hai!

Yup, it's been a while since I posted.  What is going on?  A whole heap of nothing. Ok maybe a few things.  I am training, swimming and torturing my favourite newbie and torturing myself.  I love the pool at LA Fitness, I can get in a zone there.  My runs still suck but at least they aren't worse.  I have been sweating ALOT more lately, probably due to the heat and I don't like it,  I don't like sweating in the first place.  I am riding every weekend with some of the women from Mommy's/Babes in Motion.  George really does need to get out more though.  I've been hearing about far too many cycling accidents lately which just makes my fear worse.  Maybe I need to move, is there a place where they have long cycling paths where there are no cars, rollerbladers or walkers?? 

On Friday night I had dinner with the awesome Mrs. LoTC, Fran.  It was great to see her and catch up, it's been way too long.  I was excited to hear first hand about her half ironman race and John's race at IMLP.  I mentioned that I would love to go to IMMT and cheer everyone on as I know a bunch of my IronCanuck teammates will be there AND some bloggers that I have been dying to meet in person (Mandy).  Fran messaged me later that night and linked me to the hotel they are staying at and before I knew it I had booked the last room from Fri-Tues. (how much was that?!?!?!?!)  I haven't been away anywhere in many years so I'm due.  Actually I wonder if I could volunteer at the race as well, I should look into that.  I will be carrying a helluva big sign with everyone's names on it!  If you are going leave me a note so I know to watch out for you.

I managed to get out of camping with my bestie on the long weekend but in exchange I had agreed to do yardwork at hers and mine.  I hauled wood for about 4 hours and it damn near killed me, then the next day we spent a good amount of time on my yard. All that is left to do is re-sod but I'm waiting a few weeks to do that.  With the heat we've been having it would be a bad idea to re-sod now or at least that's what I read on the internet so it must be true.  Me and yardwork don't get along so well. 

This past weekend I finally got off my butt and starting making the move to WordPress, the set up is finally ready to go, now just have to move all my posts.  I hope to have it up and running soon, I'm a bit excited about it. 

pics still loading upside down, so recycling an oldie

that's all I got...


Matty O said...

Smart move on waiting till early fall to put the sod down :) SOD HATES HEAT! Have to water it a lot.

phew, busy lady!

If the cards work well for Heather and I, we may fly up to IMMT since we missed everyone at IMLP!

Keep biking, keep running and keep swimming! Sweat is good :)

Can I put my hand down yet? ;)

Jason said...

Hooray for WP. Can't wait for the official launch. Is there going to be a party?

Now I am jealous of IMMT and not going. It is going to be awesome. Jon so SwiCycloRun, Jeff or Mr Carrot and Kevin of IMx30 are all racing up there as well so you will have an awesome time.

Move to TX and we can all get a communal house in Austin and have a blast and ride until our legs fall off since they have awesome areas to ride in. All back country type of stuff. I should tell you how I lost my wedding ring out there too. Not good times but a great ride.

Emz said...

I can't wait to follow the WP move.
It FREAKS me out.

Loving the recycled photo.
AZ is waiting for you.

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...


i'll be at IMMT (hopefully)

i think i'm staying at the same place as JP

Big Daddy Diesel said...

If you find those paths that have no cars or walkers, let me know, I dont think they exist

Julie said...

I've missed you! Glad to see a post. I'm jealous...I want to get together with you and Mrs. LOTC!

Going to IMMT will be a blast...but I gotta tell you I'm certain I could not keep of with those guys and the after parties but it would be fun to try!

Glad to hear you are still at the training...I see it's 24 days until the tri!