Monday, June 13, 2011

Do I look different?

Maggie, Mia, Spencer and Marley
I finally did it, I bought an iMac on the weekend.  Aside from the whole music transfer (which was my old PC issue) the rest of it was unbelievably easy.  I got a desktop iMac, this allowed me to spend more money on fun stuff.  It took me the better part of a day to copy the music from my old PC to my external hard drive, then plug it into the iMac and that transfer took less than an hour.  Sadly I lost all my playlists, not sure why so I had to redo those and that took a while.  The cool part was while I was transfering music and downloading/updating my podcasts I could actually do other stuff on the computer.  SHOCKER!!  I still can't figure out to do the basic of things like save / retrieve a file but I even did a back up of all my devices and my entire computer. 

Do I look different? 

Saturday I went for a training session with the coach, we did SR1 and Walkers Line.  I was surprised, in the past my legs would be burning on even the smallest hills right away but I think all those spin classes, a new bike and knowing how to gear much better this year has made a huge difference.  We didn't go too far and my legs didn't feel the slightest bit sore or tired.  I can't wait to get out there again and I will, tomorrow night with the Mommies/Babes in Motion. 

Saturday night I visited on of my besties and she had 5 dogs at her house.  3 are hers and two were visitng.  I was in puppy heaven! Ok they aren't all puppies, but I call every dog a puppy.  They wore out the black lab puppy Spencer, he is new and was toast by the time we went in the house. I have other pics but for some reason even though I rotated them when I saved them they are coming into the blog sideways.  No clue why that's happening.

I also have (but can't post,argh) pictures of the race simulation my coach hosted this weekend prepping the IronCanucks and others for Guelph Lake olympic this weekend.  Even though I am not racing until later in the season I always like to hang around so I volunteered.  There were probably 40 or so people participating and I had a great time!!  I might have to go to Guelph Lake and cheer some people on this weekend.

Busy week ahead for me and I have some major catching up to do with your blogs.  What's up with you guys?

ps - loved this post by Rodney.  Go give it a read. 


Jason said...

Pics would come out straight if you were in WordPress....LOL!

I saw the pups on FB and they were adorable.

I will have to go check out Rodney's post after the rest of these blogs are read and my meeting is done.

Matty O said...

Love the pup pictures :)

Biking took me a good year to get comfortable with. Patience and it is FUN!

Big Daddy Diesel said...


in terms to biking, it takes 3 solid years to get "decent" on the bike, stay patience and keep working on it

Emz said...

I sooooooooooooooooooo want an iMac.

do you love it, love it, love it?

Love the photo of the dogs. so adorable [esp when they aren't mine] ;)

Colleen said...

I'm trying to play catch up too... you aren't alone!

I love me some doggies... especially black labs! :)

Yay for the new computer!

Beal88 said...

Good choice on making the switch to mac. You won't be disappointed.

Julie said...

Figured out my FB issues!!! YEA ME!!

I too call all dogs puppies...its just easiest.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Now that you switched from PC to Mac we gotta get you to switch from Blogger to WP :)

Love the pup pictures. Our dog is still a pup (8 months) but he will always be a pup.