Wednesday, October 5, 2011

so I was (it's back)

Burlington waterfront
Happy with my run last night. I ran (?) with Second Wind Conditioning from the beach house, I love the beach house. I even did about 2km more than was on my sched. Nice

Wondering what my legs will think of another short run tonight.

Bummed that my Garmin seems to have died.

Looking for the reset button to see if that helps.

Shocked that I managed to score a bike trainer from a friend, he really is far too nice. Here begins the construction of the pain cave.

Not shocked that John tried to outbid me when he saw the offer on twitter.. bugger.

Excited that this weekend is Thanksgiving which means a long weekend and sleep.

Making plans with friends cause my family is busy so we are pushing dinner plans to another weekend. 

Going to make turkey with mashed sweet/white potatoes, gravy, veggies. I'll have lunches for a week!!!!

Loving my new Rocketfish wireless headphones.

Craving homemade strawberry jam, yup the high sugar, old school kind that your grandma used to make.

Noting that my grandma didn't make homemade strawberry jam, she made stewed rhubarb and I loved it.

EXTRA excited that Kona is this weekend, (it is this weekend right?) because my friend Jackie is competing again this year.  GO JACKIE!!!

that's all I got...


Big Daddy Diesel said...

What kind of trainer was it?

She said I need a goal said...

Cyclops pro I think. Knowing him it's a good one and barely used. He said it has 800km on it and for him that's what, 3 rides? haha

Matty O said...

Yup this is the weekend :)

Keep the momentum going!!!

misszippy said...

Living vicariously through a really nice few days you've got going on there!

Love Kona!

Julie said...

Good to see this back!

Yea for the trainer!

Are John and Fran still alive? They have not seen fit to update us....

Happy Thanksgiving!

One Crazy Penguin said...

I was going to comment on running and then say something dreadfully witty and inspirational.....but I got sidetracked by homemade jam. Yum.

Jason said...

So I was (am) thrilled that this is back.....don't let it go away ever again OK! OK! good, now that we got that straight.

So I am beyond thrilled that Kona is this weekend. My coach is racing and Marni of the blogosphere is there as well. Going to be awesome. Should I bring the popcorn?

Pedalman said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Like the new headphones. I think it was 5 rides. ;)