Wednesday, October 12, 2011

so I was

loving this weather this past weekend

hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving

jealous of the American Thanksgiving because it's several days off and the shopping, oh the shopping

excited for a week of vacation!!! 2 more days and change til I'm FREE!! (let the bad jokes commence coughMattycough)

planning to sleep in for the first 3 days, or maybe the entire time

starting a yoga class with the IronCanucks in a few weeks. This is going to be funny, me+yoga=ridiculous

almost enjoying running.. Almost…

thinking I need to get out for a bike ride before it gets really cold, it's been too long

waiting impatiently for the NBC version of Kona, even though I know what happens I love that show

wondering if I am the only that records the show and then watches it several times

remembering when I first moved into the house and my kitchen counters were not cluttered.  Now it looks lived in

predicting that tomorrow (which is actually today) I'll be very sorry I forgot to stretch after my run tonight (which was actually last night)

that's all I got...


misszippy said...

Record it and watch it several times every year. Love it.

Get out on that bike before it's too late!

Julie said...

That doggy yoga pic is to funny!

Don't record Kona but will watch.

Yes I too need a bike ride!

When are you going to give us the other eye?

Matty O said...

always miss it on NBC.

I heart yoga. Big time, but you knew that. It's the best workout out there. Enjoy it!

Enjoy your time off too, H and I are anxiously counting down our vacation too!

Emz said...

I'd pay a RT ticket to AZ to see the whole face.
No joke.

Jason said...

I have the past two years of 70.3 World Championships, 2010 Kona and the ITU National Championships on DVR and Karen knows better than to delete them. it. Need to do it more.

FranP said...

John has all the Kona vids since.....actually I don't know the exact number but there are ALOT! We watch them when we are on the trainer. Not that it is a good thing. They always make me cry. Crying + cycling= difficult. ;)
I need to incorporate some yoga into my mix too!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You should also celebrate the American Thanksgiving do you can have turkey and stuffing twice a year!!!