Tuesday, October 4, 2011

that's creepy

I've got my eye on you...
The jury is out on whether this picture is creepy or cool. I dunno, I'm working my way towards a pic of all of me but let's start here ok? Next week, the other eye.

So I'm back at it.. Coach and I devised a plan for October which is reasonable and doable and puts my mindset into "well it's only a short one" in the hopes that I keep the momentum going. I remember John telling me last season before I started, just get out there, get used to doing the workouts, don't over do it.. So here I am again. I'm calling it training season 2012 cause 2011 can just frig off already, I've had enough of 2011. This year I'm starting a few months earlier than last year but that is GOOD. The motto for the month is "ouch', that is all". Run tonight.. Yay.. (did I just say yay?)

Now that the spreadsheet is back I hopped on the scale this morning to get my starting weight. Remember last month when I hopped on the scale to check in and I was 8lbs lighter than I thought. This morning I was certain I had gained back at least those 8lbs so I stripped nekkid and gingerly stepped on. My eyes were squeezed tight until I heard the 'beep beep beep' and I looked down and guess what, down another pound from where I was the last time. I think my scale is broken. If this is a true weight this means I'll hit my weight goal 2 months earlier than planned. I've planned to lose 5lbs a month.  See, reasonable.

In other news I'm going away on Oct 20 for 4 days with my bestie for some R&R and I won't be required to dig a hole and poop in it. There will be beds and real toilets and breakfast and lots of hiking and hopefully beautiful changing colours and sunshine and water somewhere to look at. And wine.. Of course there will be wine and good food and laughs. I'm taking the entire week off because my nephew has surgery on the Tuesday and I want to be there for that. I haven't had any significant time off since Hunter died and boy am I ready.

that's all I got...


Matty O said...

CREEPY! I feel like you are staring at me all the time!

Kudos on the weight front. Solid steady weight so far it seems, good stuff.

John is right. Do something for 21 days and it becomes a habit.

Just get out of the house and change your mindset from not wanting to workout... to, this is part of my daily schedule and I have to do it. Honestly, that is the HARDEST part about training. The workouts themselves are a breeze ;)

Emz said...

Don't listen to MO!! It's beautiful & I freaking love it!!

Yay for R & R!!!

You deserve it woman. Enjoy your real bed & toilet & vino!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I think your title was my exact tweet in regards to your photo.

I hear ya on working on 2012 now.

Enjoy your vacation

She said I need a goal said...

Matty - remember, I'm always watching, hahahahahah! God I can't believe you even agreed with John but it IS good advice.

EMZ - I put it up as my profile pic on twitter after you said it was good. :-)

BDD - yes, I DID steal exactly what you said. :-)

FranP said...

Yeah, Adena... well done on the weight loss. This helps keep the motivation on a high!
Loved your spreadsheet. You are a spreadsheet Queen!
Btw, you have a beautiful eye! ;)

She said I need a goal said...

Fran, I sent you the spreadsheet. :-) don't laugh at my geeky simpleness.

Caratunk Girl said...

NOT creepy!! I think it is gorgeous!

I am leaving for IMFL with some folks in a few weeks, I am looking forward to it. I even get to meet up with Matty & Heather O! :) Wish you would be there too.

Wait. Don't all vacations require you to dig a hole to poop in?

Julie said...

I agree a beautiful eye! You and BDD like to be all mysterious and shit. :)

Vacay sounds great!

Awesome on the loss and the training!

She said I need a goal said...

Caratunk - I have never dug a hole to poop in, ever. Can we still be friends? I am going to create a blog counter called '#of days til I meet Mandy!!'.

Julie - I am not mysterious just hate looking at/seeing myself, truly makes me want to jump off a bridge. BDD is SUPER mysterious.

Jason said...

I dig the pic. The other eye would be kinda cool too.

Maybe both in the same pic?

Whatever you are doing is working from a weight loss perspective so keep it up.

Get that training in and get 'er done!