Thursday, July 29, 2010

About town

Wow, it's been a while since I updated!  I thought since my bike has a flat and I have an unplanned free evening I'd do a little update for you.  

Challenge, well July FLEW by and to be honest I'm not sure if I'm a week away from the end or finished, I'll have to check the date.  I guess that's a good thing because I know I'm meeting all my parameters.  I haven't not worked because I didn't feel like it but I have to say work has been kicking my ass.  The last few weeks have been long hours and some missed sessions but I've doubled up where I can and have seen some awesome progress on the bike.  Mostly that I'm alot more comfortable.  After my 30km ride last weekend I was a bit tired but far from spent which I know means I can go longer, I just need a route. That makes me happy. After kicking sideroad#1 ass the other night I was really happy that not only did I finish, I was not last and had actual fun on the road back from Guelph Line to Appleby Line. All those murderous uphills on the way out were superfast (for me) downhills on the way back, it was so fun that I forgot the pain of the uphills and immediately wanted to do it again. My swimming is still decent, I am happy with it and my run still sucks but Nancy will be helping me out with that next.  

Ok, now that I'm thinking about it, I think I have til Aug 8 before the challenge completes but I'm going to keep going until my race Sept 5, no sense in stopping now.  Coach has given me workouts until try-a-tri in August (8) and then I'll get 4 more weeks of program til Sept 5, the BIG DAY.  

Now, there have been LOADS of happenings to the my blogpals and tweeps.  Let's see.. 

Oh I joined a recipe testing group on Georgie's site. She has some great nutritional info and recipes on her site.  I just tested my first recipe and I have to say it turned out much yummier than I thought and it's all good for you.  I can't wait for the next one (hint hint hint)! 

Bryan completed Ironman Lake Placid (sans food poisoning) and not only did he kick ass but he qualified for Kona!!  MORE importantly he proceeded to party for 3 straight days following the race proving that he is Canadian AND absolutely crazy.  I'm glad he's back home, I'm exhausted from all that and I'm also glad that his post race video was from the bathroom, again..  

Not only did  Bryan complete IMLP but MIKE YOU ARE AN IRONMAN !!  I haven't been following Mike's blog for long I've read back far enough to know how HARD he worked to complete this goal and I'm really inspired. The guy is amazing!  

Following the awesome progress of blogfriends is really motivating for me and after the finish a few people were furiously trying to register for next year.  I know that Rodney made it in and I can only hope that he ran around the house screaming and waving his arms. He has done 2 tris this year already and there's half an ironman in Sept, he's going to kick ass!

Then a miracle occurred, not only did JohnWProc successfully register for IMLP next year but he also started a blog... and he's pretty funny.  I think we'll all be greatly amused over the next 11 months or so.  I also know that no matter what he says I run slower than him so I WIN!! #Johnfail  

And I can't forget Mandy. She volunteered this year and signed up for IMLP next year, she is super brave. I've only recently started stalking....errr following her blog and she takes some great pictures, I think she owns a lake or something, has good stories and a super cool dog.  Go visit her.  

Oh my cycling pal Pedalman who is ALL things cycle had a spill a week or so ago.  He was doing his own ride to conquer somethingorother and got clipped by a car. Thankfully he's ok, despite some road rash and is up and back at it.. he is crazy!!  PS - dude, you gotta update your blog

Now Scott is also awesome but he hasn't been tweeting much lately because he's stuck in exams but he did blog so I'm happy to see he's still around.  This is the guy that got me HOOKED on Kaiken Malbec, I hope they sent you a cheque.

Finally one of my favourite bloggers (yes I say that about all of you, but Johan I really MEAN IT) turned 40 this week!!  He's faster and in the best shape of his life. I'm really bummed he didn't make registration for IMLP.   

So, there you have it.. some happenings about me and some super incredible inspirational dedicated people.  

That's all I got!


Pedalman said...

It sounds like a couple bottles are coming your way! Glad to hear that you took it to sideroad #1 and killed it! My ride was simply for pleasure and soon you'll be thinking of doing 200km rides for fun. You'll see! Haha.

Johan Stemmet said...

Wow, well done on kicking that Hills butt. What I hear from your guys it must be a killer.

Glad you are blogging again, been a looong time.
Thanks for the kind words, appreciate it.
Just keep going Sept, 5 is around the corner and you will have an awesome race


She said I need a goal said...

Pedalman - Sept 5 post race party is going to be amazing! Funny, since 30km was doable now I want to do 50km, but I doubt I'll ever do 200km for 'fun'. I definitely need to research more routes cause back and forth along the lake is getting mighty boring.

Johan, you really need to get yourself to Canada and check the hills out yourself. There are much worse hills that I stay away from but I'm sure you and Bryan would kick some butt.

Brybrarobry said...

Great post.

As strange as this sounds, I'm more happy for you than my Kona slot. I was blown away when I saw 30 km and that you went up No 1 side road. That's my route and it kicks my ass almost every time. I can't remember what commerical this was from, but it applies to you "You've come a long way baby". I remember when you had trouble with your pedals on bell school line. Big gains. You're an inspiration.

Now, with all those kind words, which I meant, "am I now your favorite blogger?" Come on, lets be real, Johan???? I didn't know you smoked crack. hahaha

In all seriousness, can I be your favorite blogger, er, no what I meant to say was "In all seriousness, great job". I'm looking forward to hearing about your first race.

To truley are inspiring. Keep up the great work. I have a feeling you won't be falling of the bike much any more.


She said I need a goal said...

B - I have been meaning to respond to this since you posted it. You know, you are so mouthy most of the time and then you come out with this. It's true you ARE a nice guy (but I always knew that) I even got a tear man.. seriously, you are too kind and have always been extremely supportive. You are the inspiring one, always living life and loving it. It makes me want to do more, go harder and always always drink more beer. Truly you have captured that balance of training and fun and I just strive to be a little bit like that.

Bell School Line is for pussies!! haha just kidding

Brybrarobry said...

haha, you're right, it is for pussies. Except the part North of Derry. When you do that part, I will bow to you. hahaha.

Caratunk Girl said...

Thanks so much for the mention and the kind words!! HA well, I don't own a lake but have access to 2!

Congrats on the awesome training - hills are hard, and if you kick one's ass it feels awesome! Keep up the great work, you are so inspiring and I love reading your blog.

Oh, and tell Bryan to suck it up and quit whining that you like Johan better than him. :) ha ha

She said I need a goal said...

Your lakes look much prettier than mine considering one of mine is Lake Ontario (yuck)!

Doesn't everyone like Johan better than Bryan? haha!!