Friday, July 2, 2010

Catch me if you can, ok so you can..

This last week has sucked for working out.  Due to work I missed a few sessions but am in the midst of catching up, woot!  Work has been super busy with an implementation looming, so much to do!  Plus I got a new roommate.  I have an old friend staying with me for a while, she arrived last week and I'm happy to report my kitchen has never been so clean and I've never eaten so well in my life.  Maybe I can convince her to stay forever?  She helped me decorate my house when I moved in.  When I bought the house the living room looked like this:

and she made it look like this:

I had some cleaning up and moving stuff around to do before she got here so that also took up quite a bit of time as well.  I cleared out some boxes that I hadn't even opened since I moved in 3 years ago and 80% of it ended up in the trash.  She is very project oriented and loves doing house stuff so I see some fun in the future.  She has gotten active in the last year herself so she is keeping me company which is nice as well.  Yesterday and today we drove down to the lake and she walked while I rode.  Yesterday's ride was great but there were loads of people to go around and slow down for so I wanted to get out early today and see if I could go faster.  Sadly I wasn't much faster but there was improvement.  It was good to get out though because we had an amazing dinner last night plus there was some vino involved.

I think I may go back tomorrow again early for another ride, it's so pretty out there

That's all I got.


Brybrarobry said...

Looks like a picture perfect life. Great shots.

Caratunk Girl said...

LOVE those pictures! Roommates with furniture are awesome.