Monday, June 21, 2010

Bust my pump

Had my cycling lesson with coach Nancy tonight.  With her program I also get an hour of one on one time to work on whatever I want.  My first choice would have been yakking over beers but I can't imagine she would go for that so I chose an hour of cycling. On the way home from work I stopped to buy a tire pump and even got myself a bicycle rack for the car.  SO much better than fitting it into my car!!  I got to the parking lot and asked her to show me how to pump up my tires but when we would pump air into the tire it kept coming out.  I'll be exchanging the pump tomorrow.  I could easily see if it was just me that couldn't figure it out but if she couldn't it has to be broken.  We went back to her place, got it sorted with her pump and headed out.  I was explaining to her (in my super technical bike speak) about the gearing and where I was having trouble.  We stopped on the road and went over it and then she cycled behind me watching me change the gears and finally she got it, something weird is going on.  At least I'm validated.  Other than that the bike works fine and I am figuring my way around the weirdness.  I think she originally had planned to do sideroad #1, more hills I think but because we changed venues we just cycled around her neighbourhood.  It was good for me because I asked alot of questions and learned a ton. Things are looking up.

She and her husband Gary were helping make a few adjustments on the bike rack, he came out to the car to put a bungee cord on my bike to keep the tires from spinning and was quite impressed with the bike.  A few minutes earlier I had mentioned that my bike might be 'too much bike for me' and after seeing it he understood.  We discussed potentially getting another bike at the end of the season but he figured since I'm learning on this one stepping down might not be a good idea.  I dunno, I need more practice and then I'll figure it out.  

My apologies to those that were waiting on injury photos, none this time but I'm sure there will be more in the future.  


Brybrarobry said...

There's no such thing as "too much bike for me". Close your eyes and repeat to yourself, "I deserve this bike, I deserve this bike, this bike is my bitch". haha.


Caratunk Girl said...

YEAH! What Bryan said! You can and will grow into that bike.

She said I need a goal said...

B - I tried to tell the bike she's my bitch and it's kinda working.

Caratunk girl, thanks for reading! I'm loving your blog.