Tuesday, June 15, 2010

and she landed it!!

Oh yes, that's right my friends.  I did it AGAIN.  You see I was feeling all awesome and stuff from Sunday, nevermind my swim wasn't great but I felt so good about the bike, slow but much more confident but I can't ride that wave forever.  Nope god or someone decided I'd had a little too much of myself and decided to smack me down with a little humility.  

I joined Nancy's 12 week tri-group as you know, what "I" didn't know is that I joined a "Mommies in Motion" group.  I'm not a mom, I think I'm the only one so I feel a bit weird. At least when I wiped out there were many moms there to help me out and at least one of them always has wet wipes right?  and maybe some gum.  Note to self:  get a little first aid kit for the car.  We are getting team shirts and they say "Mommies in Motion", I need to amend mine somehow.. Motion is lotion maybe?  ahhh no.. 

So first brick workout was good, sort of.  We cycled along Upper Middle past Brant St and there were many red lights and the cars were completely freaking me out and my clips were not cooperating and let's not even talk about the damn gear thingys but I kept pedaling.  Once we got past Brant is wasn't so bad and I tackled my first ever hill which was incredibly painful but I did it twice.  It was kinda cool going fast down the hill.  Did I mention I did it twice?  I got back up the hill on the second run up to the turn around and stopped for some water.  Once I stopped, I turned my upper body to talk to the girl behind me and I started to teeter to the left, sadly I was still clipped on the left side and I started to go down.  I thought oh NO, not in front of this girl!! so I added a little tuck and roll at the end and jumped right up.  I thought it was a scrape like last time but as I cycled back the blood was trickling down my leg as you can see. By the time I got back to the school for the run even the wet wipe didn't help cause the blood was all caked on, ewwww!  I've now wiped out twice, who's taking bets on how many times I'm going to fall this season?  I ran the track two and a half times and then we stopped to stretch.  I could have done all four rounds except I was wet wiping my knee.

The worst part, I bled all over my ugly shoes.  Tomorrow bootcamp and Thursday more cycling, oh yay.. not so much


Anonymous said...



She said I need a goal said...

It'll hurt more tomorrow I'm sure.

Johan Stemmet said...

Sorry to hear but it happen to all of us. Just hang in there

She said I need a goal said...

Thanks Johan, it's fine and pretty funny considering I fall when I am at a full stop.

Brybrarobry said...

A, it think you wiped out where I did a couple of years ago or at least close. It was Brant and dundas. Good work, you're becoming "bad ass". Maybe that should be your shirt "Bad Ass in Motion". haha.


Rodney said...

Nice! I've wiped out twice this year as well, once in front of 250+ people at the Milton Sprint tri. I don't think you ever stop crashing, they just get worse :) Hahaha!

She said I need a goal said...

B - I was at Upper Middle and Havendale (sp?) I will look into the shirt alteration suggestion.

Rodney - if you stop falling I'll stop falling.

Anonymous said...

I am a total wuss. Rod got me kneepads and wristpads to ride in when I started to learn to ride a bike. I still use them.


She said I need a goal said...

I'm not saying I don't need knee pads or shin pads or elbow pads or ass pads, wait, I have ass pads, thank god for cycling pants.