Thursday, June 17, 2010

Like I'd forget

Tonight I had my first ride with the Thursday riding group.  I had emailed Nancy after Tuesday's ride asking her if I was too new to ride with this group and she said no.  She may be rethinking that.  Up to now I've done pretty easy rides, flats mostly trying to get used to the bike and rid of my fear.  Fear that at my age is not easy to rid myself of.  On Tuesday I tackled my first hill and was pretty darn happy about it.  Tonight, completely different!  I should also mention that we were supposed to go out on Saturday to do some one on one biking but she was sick with the flu and canceled so I'm still riding blind.  

I have driven on the side roads around here and they are pretty hilly but I'm usually going north/south, I stupidly figured that there wouldn't be alot of hills on going east/west.  I joined the group at Walkers Line and Dundas and we headed out, I was the sweep, shocking right.  I barely made it up the flipping hill at Walkers to Sideroad #2 and had to stop to get some water, and take a rest.  The first downhill looked to me like a flipping ride at Wonderland so I also needed to get my head in the game.  I headed out and braked my way down the hill, big mistake cause as soon as you get to the bottom you're going UP again. WTF BBQ?  I did all the hills over to Appleby Line and contemplated my options.  Nancy had said she had a 'surprise for us' on Sideroad #4 and even the avid cyclers were groaning at the hill.  My legs were already toast and I was questioning whether I'd even make it back, nevermind up Appleby Line and across #4 so I told her that was it for me.  I headed back and had to walk up two of the hills before I got back to Walkers Line, the walk of shame.  A lovely gentleman (triathlete) was out for a 'joy ride' and was riding back with me giving me pointers and waiting patiently for me as I trudged up the hills which is not easy in those damn shoes I might add.  We headed back down to the start and I am happy to say I didn't brake on any hills, nor did I walk.  Slight redemption there.  The bike I am riding is cool and I get loads of comments on it but I can't for the life of me tell you which gear I'm in or how to 'gear down, gear down!!!!'.  I am getting the hang of how to make it easier, stay with me folks, this is really technical but sometimes when I press the gear thingys to make it easier nothing happens, I'm just hitting buttons and levers. That guy tried to show me and he said 'oh you have strange gears'.  

Next week we are doing hill repeats at Snake Road, she even put 'woohoo' in the email.. really? woohoo?  really?

I've had a hot hot hot bath with my new best friend Epsom salts and am hoping I can walk tomorrow.  After riding on Tuesday, then running, then bootcamp last night, which also kicked my ass by the way (thanks Tawnya) I may not make it into work tomorrow.  Anyone got a wheelchair I can borrow? 


Anonymous said...

Buck up chickie! It will get better. You rode, you got up a hill or will be much better after you have your one on one lesson. It took me a long time to figure out my gear thingys...and that was with Rod's constant help and me going, what? up or down? where do I push? when do I push? what are you talking abotu? until he'd bike over and do it for me. Maybe get Nancy to ride your bike for a few minutes and make sure the gears are working ok.

Sorry I stopped texting, I was actually out for dinner with my cousin and her husband...thought it was rude for me to keep texting.

Hope you're feeling better!

PedalmanTO said...

First of all, I'm loving the new blog look! You're doing great and I'm proud a few scrapes and walks aren't keeping you off the bike. 'Strange gears?' -I've heard of those before, don't worry I can help you out with them.
Tiger Balm became my new best friend last year, and Epson is a close second.
You're doing awesome!

She said I need a goal said...

Sukhi-no worries on the texting, I really just wanted to curse anyway. I thought the same thing, have Nancy get on my bike so she can understand how it works and then yell at me to "gear down, gear DOWN ADENA!!" Hope dinner was yummy.

Pedalman-this having a coach has really upped everything for me, I'm exhausted!! I'm really glad she's there to push me to do things I normally wouldn't like hills or the simulation last weekend. At the end I didn't brake down the hill and it was kinda cool going fast and sure made the uphill easier when you already have some speed behind you. What is tiger balm?

Anonymous said...

I've had my current bike about 17 years now...I still don't really understand the gears, just kinda fake it until it works. Then again, I don't ride very much these days. (I suspect this will change in the next couple of years though because Jordan is a cycling fanatic.)

I also like the new look (it reminds me of blood - was that on purpose? lol)

You're doing a great job, keep it up!


She said I need a goal said...

Hi D, haha no that wasn't on purpose but it does resemble my knee. haha

I believe everyone should ride more so they can feel my pain.

Brybrarobry said...

haha cool. I followed you in my mind, that's my route. Sometimes I go east, some times west on number 1. West is good climbing. Keep up the good work, remember 40 is the new 20. Your working your way down.


Anonymous said...

You can get it at Shoppers. Get the non-coloured one.....the orange one is only fun when you're a kid and don't have to do laundry. ;)


She said I need a goal said...

B - thanks for the tip, never go west. :-)

Sukhi - but what does it do? Does it make hills go away?

Sue Sitki said...

TOO funny! Hi, Adena!!! Yes, we went to school together!! LOL!!! You were a year ahead of me...

SO nice to see you on here and enjoying the TRI LIFE!! Woo Hoo! Fun, huh??

Let's stay in touch :)