Wednesday, August 4, 2010

shut up shut up shut up shut up

I never said I was smart, I may have also neglected to mention that I’m easily caught up in a moment and don’t think about the consequences of my big mouth. So, for the record here’s how it went down (on Twitter no less):

Note: I have rearranged some of the content for dramatic purposes(haha) and easier reading but none of the content was changed
PedalmanTO My buddy who will soon be a PFG just shook on the deal. This is going to hurt! So we both did triathlons when in school. Since then he's gained 60lbs+ and no exercise. I showed him PFG site and that started the deal. By Aug. 3, 2011 he will en roll and finish a Olympic distance triathlon with me. If he does and keeps up (w/in 2mins)or beats me... I do an Iron man! The gauntlet has been laid down. I actually trembled as I shook his hand. I hate running, much less a marathon! There you go my friends. @rbuike @talluleh @cdnet1 and especially @brybrarobry. Thanks for your website Bry, I think it just bit me in the..
@DonaldJones It started as fun, but I may have actually bitten off more than I can chew. I also refuse to go back on the deal.
@rbuike I don't have to do the Ironman if I win.

PedalmanTO If he backs out or doesn't do the Tri- at our school reunion next Sept. He has to dress up in full drag and not tell people about the deal.

talluleh @PedalmanTO that's awesome! How can we help him??!! (and have u do an ironman, hehe). Would that be 2011 or 2012?

PedalmanTO @talluleh My Ironman, if he were to win would be in 2012. I couldn't do the tri and then do an Ironman within a month. BUT- he won't win!

talluleh @PedalmanTO I might do a half iron in 2012 we could sign up for the same one!! Who is he? Get him on Twitter. Haha

PedalmanTO @talluleh Help him?! Real nice, and I thought we were friends. Haha Which one? That would be awesome!

talluleh @PedalmanTO no def plans yet likely late season. Agree to do half iron with me and when you lose do same race only full. Would be fun!

Note: at this point I’m simply thinking that having a person to race with would be a good plan, keep me focused on the goal cause if it’s just me alone I’m less likely to finish it and 2012 is a long ways away

PedalmanTO @talluleh so now I'm doing two races regardless of the first outcome? This isn't my fist time at the rodeo, you're trying to get me to do 2.

talluleh @PedalmanTO well if it were all about you then yes but it's all about me and I want company for the half. I just want you to fulfil your ironman dream. ;-)

PedalmanTO @talluleh I see how it is, you're trying to get me going as well. I'll check with him and see if he'll choose a half iron for the bet.

talluleh @PedalmanTO no no. What I mean is you agree to do half regardless. And if u lose just change to full. Then I have company for my half

Note: Now here’s where the stupidity comes in, he’s not said NO yet, I could have just kept pestering him but NO, I say THIS (shut up shut up shut up)
talluleh @PedalmanTO If u do a half with me I'll do a 100km bike ride with you?

Note: immediately followed by this
talluleh @PedalmanTO wait. Nevermind. Forget I said that.

Note: and here comes the peanut gallery
rbuike @talluleh If you do a half a 100KM bike ride will be a training ride
talluleh @rbuike SHHHHHHH

PedalmanTO "@talluleh: @PedalmanTO If u do a half with me I'll do a 100km bike ride with you?" - This is getting interesting. What about 160kms instead

Note: oh crap he was paying attention. Now I figure I can probably do 100km with some good training and as Rodney pointed out this would likely just be a training ride for a half iron but 160? But I can’t back down now… right? So MORE of my big mouth

talluleh @PedalmanTO hmmmm this IS getting interesting. When? I'm gonna need better pants
(note: it’s true, I AM going to need better pants)

Note: here’s the freaking peanut gallery AGAIN
rbuike @PedalmanTO @talluleh You should sign up for the conquer cancer back to back century ride :)
talluleh @rbuike you should too!!!

PedalmanTO @talluleh Why so quiet? I'll do a local half with you that you chose and you do a local full century with me that I choose.

talluleh @PedalmanTO see my last question. When would it be? Me quiet? U wish

PedalmanTO @talluleh what distance is your tri coming up?

talluleh @PedalmanTO 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run. Oly next year.

PedalmanTO @talluleh I'll do a local half iron with you after your first Oly but you have to agree to my local 160kms ride. We have lots of time.

talluleh @PedalmanTO 160km ride in 2011 and half iron in 2012. You're on. I'm sure my coach can work in the long ride into my training.

PedalmanTO @talluleh Deal! Time to call MAO!

talluleh Yup! We have a deal!! RT @PedalmanTO: @talluleh Deal! Time to call MAO!

Brybraroby @talluleh @PedalmanTO Awesome.

For the record, I blame @Brybraroby for EVERYTHING!!


PedalmanTO said...

Of course I was paying attention. You see, as my tweets indicate, I knew what you were up to, all I needed to do was wait and BAM! out came the proposed deal.
It may be a while since I've done a tri, but I know what's involved training wise. You must have know that I would up the ante when you proposed a 100kms ride? You see the fun part was in my wording, don't you think? 'I choose a local 160kms ride and you choose a local half iron.' We will both suffer doing a half iron together, but I believe that one of us might just suffer a little more during the 160kms ride. Did I ever mention I love, and mean love, climbing hills on my bike?

She said I need a goal said...

Actually I was pretty impressed with my original offer of 100km since for me that is a HUGE ride. Having said that and despite any suffering to come my way, it's also going to make me stronger (all part of my plan) and you never know my friend, I may not suffer quite as much as you are hoping for, I have some time to train. ;-)

She said I need a goal said...

Oh and I should also mention that yes I'll be doing a half iron but I'm really hoping you'll be doing the FULL ironman that day.

Brybrarobry said...

I graciously accept the blame, I am an "enabler". haha.

Awesome for both of you. I didn't realize you and Ian when to school together or the same school. Or did I missunderstand.

I know what's going to happen, even if you win, I'm going to work on you to do an Ironman anyways. (Ian you better win). And I didn't know Ian was 60 lbs overweight. I always envisioned a skinny guy. Unless I missunderstood. Brain's a little hazy since IMLP.

Again, good on both of you. Nothing like fear to get you motivated. You won't regret it. What have you got to lose? Actually even if you lose, you still win.

Love it.


She said I need a goal said...

B - lemme clear it all up for you. Ian has separate bet with school chum, this guy wants to be a PFG and has to come within 2 minutes of Ian when they do Oly next year. If he does then Ian has to do a full Ironman in 2012. (how can we make this happen b?)

In addition to the Oly next year, Ian and I will both be participating in a half iron in 2012 however if he loses the above bet I do a half and he does the full enchilada. For his trouble of doing the half with me I have to do a 160km cycle with him. He DMed me later saying something about a course that is like TDF (bastard).

Does that clear it up for you?

and for the record I will never EVER EVER EVER do a full Ironman. Once I do the half I can get the tattoo (with 703.) and that'll be all for me. I wonder if there's a commemerative tattoo for this bike ride.. hmmmmm

Caratunk Girl said...

This is hilarious. I freaking love it!

Oh and I totally think you should do an Ironman. I mean, I don't know what I am talking about, but right now I think it is a great idea!!!

She said I need a goal said...

Mandy, of course you would say that but how about this, after IMLP you can tell me if it's a great idea. In the meantime, no way. I think anyone that attempts an ironman is cool, I'm not that cool.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....ok I'm still laughing but got tired of typing hahahaha. You can totally do this, it's your big mouth I'm laughing at! :-)