Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my bitch

Tonight I trained with my mommy tri group.  The route was the same one from my Thursday group which always kicks my ass!!  With MIM (mommies in motion) we start at Appleby Line 407 carpool and headed across sideroad #1 to Walkers, up Walkers to sideroad #2, over to Appleby Line, then up Appleby (or is that down) to Sideroad #4, back over to Walkers and back down to Sideroad #1.

Now I will tell you and I'm sure you've heard me whine long and hard about sideroad #2, in fact I whined as recently as my last post, I always have to walk at least one hill on that road.  Well not tonight, tonight SR#2, YOU were my bitch.  I have never done the trek to SR#4 because of the scary hill on Appleby Line to get there, tonight, hill on Appleby Line YOU were my bitch!  SR#4 was a  pretty decent trek but sadly I had to walk 2 of the hills before I hit Walkers Line.  Next time, those hills will be my bitch!

I got to Walkers and SR#1 where coach Nancy was hanging out watching our bikes while we headed out on our run to Guelph Line.  I turned back early because I didn't want to be too long past the group.  So there I am running, well shuffling along being egged on by my awesome team mates and I had a sudden thought absolutely out of the blue..  wouldn't it be weird if I saw Bryan run past us..  and sure as shit no less than 5 minutes later a dude is running towards us, I squint in the distance thinking wouldn't it be cool if that was him right now.  This guy is running by all the ladies smiling and saying hello...Holy shit if it isn't him!  I yell "HEY TRAINING PAYNE!", he smiles, yup that's him..  I point to myself, "It's Talluleh!" as we pass each other, we both turn around meet in the middle of the road for a quick sweaty hello and a hug and we were off again.  SOOOO funny.  I mean it was bound to happen one day or another I just thought I'd be less sweaty and have better hair..  Bryan it was great to finally meet you!! No one (and I mean no one) has been as supportive of my journey than you and I felt good that at least I was jogging when I saw you (as opposed to crawling or crying or something). I almost wished I had been on the bike, I feel like I would have looked much cooler on the bike.

When I got back to the group they all wanted to know 'who was that guy and why was he hugging you?!!'.  I told them he's my blog/twitter buddy, which just sounds weird and explained how he qualified for Kona and he's like TRI blogging royalty or something and since they are all local girls that are interested in triathlon all of them remembered seeing him in the paper.  I may be the slowest in our group but damned if I ain't the coolest now.

I practically flew back to the parking lot on the bike, I love the ride home and was sad to realize that it's getting dark out much earlier now.  What a great time tonight!  I think I will get up early on Saturday and do that same route for my cycling session.  Look out SR#4, I'm coming to get you!


Brybrarobry said...

A, it was GREAT meeting you today. And yes, YOU WERE RUNNING. Like a champ. Congrats on making those hills you're "Be-atch". It looks like you have a great group of girls you train with, I was impressed with the resolve everyone had and it's much more fun looking and giving the thumbs up to ladies than men. haha.

I glad we met, albeit brief. It was a cool way to meet for the first time.

Say hi to the girls for me, you and all of them made my run much more fun and interesting than normal.


Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me laugh! You need to post everyday!


JohnP said...

thats' awesome! Glad to hear you're seeing progress! It sounds like your running is coming along alot better than mine - I have no doubt I would win our non-race ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome outing! Go you!


Anonymous said...

Lookit you being all road conquorer!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

WAHOO!! Congrats on the progress!! Isn't it fun when we see results!?

HEY I want to meet Bryan! Let's go attack his kegerator!

She said I need a goal said...

Mandy, yes, let's go get the Kegerator soon, while it's still full. We know it won't be full long.