Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspiration in my group

As you know I am training with Nancy Hastings of Second Wind Conditioning. I train with her on my own as well as with her triathlon training group “Mommies in Motion”. I’m not a mommy but I act like a baby quite often so it’s good to be with the group. Anyway there is a story in a local paper regarding one of our team members who had a heart attack (at 28 years old) last year while training for a 10k race. She’s back at it this year after being cleared by her doctor (yay) and will be doing the try-a-tri distance at our group tri on Sept 5. There is a video link in the article if interested of Laura and Nancy talking about the incident. I’m happy to know that Nancy is well versed in CPR and kept Laura alive until help arrived.  She rocks!


Brybrarobry said...

You better not ride with her this year, she'll probably have another heart attack seeing how good you've gotten on the bike. Just saying. haha


She said I need a goal said...

Nevermind her having a heart attack about my bike progress, I might have one. I think I just said I wanted to try and do 50km on Sunday. Do you think I can finish in under 5 hours? haha it's a flat route, I may live.