Friday, August 13, 2010

I forgot

Back in June I posted a blog after my first experience cycling hills on Sideroad #2.  I called it "Like I'd Forget". I called it that because I didn't think for a minute I would ever forget the pain and humiliation of that ride. I probably have early onset alzhiemers or something because I totally forgot.  I went out with the Thursday cycling group and quickly remembered why I hate the Thursday cycling group.  Back when my Tues tri group did Sideroad #1 between Appleby Line and Guelph Line I asked one of the coaches if this route was as hard as Sideroad #2 and she said 'it's worse, even the downhills are uphillson Sideroad#1!!'  She lied.  Sideroad #1 is great (if you don't count that ginormous hill at Guelph Line), Sideroad #2 sucks. The hills are huge and the downhills while fun scare the hell out of me. I hit 49.9km/hr coming around one bend and was afraid the bike was going to go out from under me, thank god there wasn't a car coming at me.. jeez!!!  I did learn NOT to look at my computer when speeding down a hill, it's better if I don't know how fast I'm going at the time. 

Once again I was humiliated, I did not make the entire loop.  When Nancy told me that SR4 hill was twice as big I decided to just practice where I was going back and forth. I still had to walk two of the hills but got further up each time before having to stop. 

On the upside, I didn't wipe out, that's about the only upside to that ride.

**UPDATE UPDATE**  I need to link to a super awesome contest on Mandy's blog where she is giving away all kinds of GU products!  Now please do not go there and enter cause I wanna win something for once in my life.. ok ok, go there and enter, enter a jillion times, just share with me.. how about that??

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Caratunk Girl said...

YES the giveaway counts in Canada! If you want to enter, go ahead - if you win, you get the stuff! I practically live in Canada (Provence of Quebec that is), so heck yeah my neighbors to the north are included!

Hey, keep at it, you will get up those hills. And not wiping out is always good.

Caratunk Girl said...

Ha - like your update - thanks! :) Good luck!