Friday, September 17, 2010

Here's to answer the 'why'

Not much time for a post but I just saw this and I ain't even waiting for permission.   When I first discussed a fitness goal with Tawnya, who had been training me for about 2 years I chose a try-a-tri for a few reasons.   Most importantly there was variety in the training and forgiveness if you weren't perfect in your nutrition.  Tawnya is amazing, she is a figure competitor (and WINNER!!) who is incredibly dedicated, I do not have that same level of dedication. This girl went for nearly a year with not one bit of junk food, or even heatlhy food that was not on her program going into her mouth.  I do not have that same level of dedication (yes I said it twice) I figured with triathlon I could have a beer (or 2), enjoy some pizza, be fit but not ripped and I am ok with that.  Plus saying you do triathlons is kinda cool really and then there's the tattoos.

So after doing some research online and starting this blog I found Bryan's blog and started following him on twitter.   For my friends and family, when you watch the video below you will completely understand why triathlons work for me.


Matty O said...

hahaha, "understand why triathlons work for me". Too funny.

What I have found, after any triathlon race, all of the nearby bars/pubs will be filled with the athletes enjoying their accomplishments.

This is why I like the sport, we are all "like minded" and all out to have a good time in the end. No one is there to put others down.

Bryan however, well he takes it up a notch that's all haha!

On a side note... Tawnya, H O T T! Damn girl!

Caratunk Girl said...

Love Bryan's video! That is why tris work for me too!!!

Brybrarobry said...

hahaha, looks like your family and friends may get into triathlons after they see the video. I got to tell you, beer AND cigars taste soooooo good after training and racing. haha. Nice work on this year's gains, you did fantastic and I really enjoyed reading about you're journey and cheering from the sidelines. Keep up the good work.

Then Captain.