Sunday, September 19, 2010

psssst hey dumbass

Dear Adena guess what..

ummmm you need to get back at it..  training I mean.

NO, I mean REALLY get back at it, not just a session here and there cause guess what...

July 17 sounds like a loooooooooong way away but it's not, it will be here before you know it and if you don't start NOW you're not going to or at the very least by the time you do start it will be too late. So yeah...  get off yer butt and get moving.

And about your recent nutrition, or better yet, the lack of following your beautifully laid out nutrition plan.. junkfoodapalooza is over, done, finished!  Back away from the fridge!

On track, tomorrow... no excuses, just do it.

I promise, on July 17, 2011 you will thank me for this little discussion.

Love me (errr you)


Matty O said...

Yeah seriously!

I say you get one week to bask in the glory of the race. After that, back to work.

I thought about putting locks on my pantry and fridge and only H would know the combination... but that would get ugly because she never answers her phone and if I needed to eat and she was unavailable... well, our fridge would lose it's doors.

PedalmanTO said...

When the cats away... Sounds as if you need a little reminder now and then of the goal. I'm glad you(her) wrote that little note.
It's time to lock your sights and go after it. If you feel you're slipping the 'Network' will get you back on track with a little SIU and PMA. Or we'll all show up and kick your butt back on track! Haha.

Caratunk Girl said...

I thought you were talking to me when you said "Hey Dumbass!" ha haha

Now get your butt out there! :) I have a hard time with nutrition too. I eat like a pig. SNORT. Even when I am not training. SO I am working hard at that myself. Good luck!

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, this "locks on the pantry" thing might be just what I need. I'm on it today, got my food for the day with me at the office and looking forward (yeah) to my 60 minute planned cross training tonight. :-)

PedalmanTO, yes the cat was away but she's back! As much as I enjoy a good time I really want to finish that race in July STRONG and feeling good and that will only happen if I get on it NOW. Always appreciate the support and you are more than welcome to show up at my door and kick my ass but the rest of the network kinda scares me. haha

CaratunkGirl, thanks Mandy! I was only talking to myself as the dumbass and then I wondered if I spelled it correctly. weird. Let's keep each other honest on the nutrition front. And again freaking aweome job on the race this weeknd. You rock it!

Brybrarobry said...

"junkfoodapalooza", I love that place. haha. better than disney. haha.

Don't worry about it, you need to treat yourself every once in a while, don't guilt yourself. Just think, that extra weight will provide more resistence in your training. haha


She said I need a goal said...

B-thanks.. I have stepped off the train, junkfoodapalooze should be event driven rather than a sport in and of itself.

Sue Sitki said...

Hey you... it's okay to have some downtime after your big race... we all need it and we all junk-out on not-so-great foods for a bit... :) You are a normal triathlete.

But yeah... after that little bit of time off the wagon it's time to get serious again and start getting ready for ... 70.3! Woo Hoo!!! Yeah, it will likely come up faster than you think (I know mine did... it was like, 'oh I've got 10 months.... 6 months... 3 months... Holy #*&) it's in HOW MANY DAYS??!!) LOL!! After a while, your body will just say, 'PLEASE STOP FEEDING ME CRAPPY FUEL!' and you will get clean again :)

Steelhead, right? I might travel there as a spectator with some friends... I'll keep you posted ;)