Tuesday, September 14, 2010

good ol' what's his name

I own the prettiest bike in all the land, trew story. As you know I bought a bike last week and on Saturday I went back to my local to get it fitted. Darren at Neworld spent a good long time making sure I was completely sorted out, he even mentioned that he thought the bike was ‘made for me’ which I just find so funny. Despite the fact that I had forgotten to bring my emergency kit with me he encouraged me to take it out for a spin on my favourite path as the risk of something bad happening was low and honestly how could you NOT take it out immediately right. I drove down to the lake and for once the bloody lift bridge was down, yay! As soon as I headed out I had a HUGE smile on my face, it rides like a dream. The KEO Easy Clip pedals are pretty awesome although I’m used to the clips being much much looser than these ones. I raced to the end of the path, I wanted to go FAST FAST FAST and I didn’t have much time for a good long ride. At the end I stopped for a photo op before heading back to the car. When I got home I put the bike in the livingroom, I’m sure my roommate is just thrilled about that!  This weekend I want to take it out on my sideroad route (SR 1, 2 and 4) to see how it handles on the hills. I think there is still some really great riding time left this year. I’d also like to do 50km or so before end of the month, I think that will be on Rodney’s route towards Niagara. This weekend isn’t looking promising but maybe next weekend. Anyone interested in a slow ride is welcome to come along. I still need to name the bike..

My race is done and I’m finally official and of course I’ve had the required week off training and taken in the appropriate amount of ice cream and French fries so I’m ready to hit it again. I was talking to Coach Nancy about my upcoming training schedule which I had sort of outlined here but she had a better idea. Haha yeah.. a better idea.. her idea hurts a lot more than my idea!!! So my schedule for 2011 is now looking like this:

Nov 6 – 5km run (Road to Hope)
Dec 11 – 5km run (Jingle Bell Run).. ummm this is my birthday?? At least I can drink after the run
March 6 – Chilly half marathon – this is the most daunting of races, a half marathon
June 6 – Kelso sprint tri
June 19 – Guelph Oly tri
July 17 – Musselman HALF IRON
Sept 6 – Sprint tri (OWTS), I’d like this to be an annual race since it was my first one
Sometime in Sept – Century ride with PedalmanTO (who wants to join us?)

The half marathon has me completely freaked out, even more than the half IM which is just ridiculous because there is a half marathon at the end of the half iron.  I never said I make any sense.  All I can think about is the Chilly half and I start to hyperventilate. I am starting a running clinic tonight but is it enough time to train for half marathon? I am a horrible horrible runner, you don't understand how bad a runner I really am.  Nancy knows this so for the next 9 months it’s going to be ‘all about the run’. After the half IM in July I will switch my training focus to be ‘all about the bike’, or ‘all about my sore ass’ as I like to call it in preparation for my century ride. Bryan, so we’re clear this is a regular century, not a METRIC century.

When talking/thinking/training about and for triathlons, do the Canadians in the room think about it in imperial or metric? When I think about the sprint and Olympic distances I think about it in metric, meter swim, km bike and run BUT when thinking about the half iron my brain goes all imperial on me and I’m back to miles. Weird 

I want to say a HUGE congratulations to Rodney and JohnWProc for completing their first half ironman races in Muskoka this past weekend. I met up with these guys on twitter at tweetxmas hosted by Bryan (who else) last December. Actually I know John was there but can’t remember if Rodney was there or if I found him via Bryan after the fact. At any rate a year ago both of them signed up for the Muskoka half iron with little to no experience in triathlons. I know John is a mad mountain biker and Rodney had some solid time on the bike before they signed up but I am pretty sure neither of them had done a triathlon before. It’s also important to note that Rodney and John are PFG and if you see pictures of them today they are looking fantastic! They both completed the half iron in amazing time and I’m so excited for them!! They signed up for IMLP before finishing the half IM so what I want to know is, guys are you still gonna do IMLP? You can read Rodney’s race report on his blog here (there are a few posts so make sure you scroll, the pics are great) and look for John’s report soon.   Finally another HUGE congratulations to John for his completion of the Wisconsin Ironman! Well done, I look forward to the race report! 

Lots of people ask me why I blog and tweet so much and I can tell you with all these amazing people and their stories you can't help but be completely motivated and inspired. 

That's all I got.


Forward Foot Strides said...

You will be awesome during the half marathon!

I think about everything in km. I'm not a triathlete (yet??), but when looking into them I just think of everything in m and km.

Brybrarobry said...

Love the bike. I agree, I don't know why, but it's got you written all over it. Enjoy the long ride and congrats on next years schedule. Don't worry about the half marathon, you'll kill it. The fun race is going to be the 70.3, I can assure you it will be most gratifying.


She said I need a goal said...

FFS - thanks for the support on the half, I started with my first run last night and it sucked! I was even slower than the tri run.

B - I always worry, if I didn't worry I'd have nothing to do. I'm trying not to think about the 70.3 at all.

Runnrgrrl said...

dude! sick bike. i got mine at neworld and its a white cannondale. i would love to ride with you. its on my goals of things to do again next year - followed the running path this year. cannot wait to run & RIDE w you!!!

She said I need a goal said...

Runnrgrrl we are BIKE TWINS!! We MUST ride and run together, that would be awesome! I joined daily mile and have decided to post my workouts regardless of embarrassment cause cause cause I will only get better. Let's do this thang!

Anonymous said...

Sweet new ride.. Love it and I am totally jeleous. I ride an antique steelie that John makes me ride. :(
One day I will have a pretty bike too!
Your 2011 plan looks great. I hope to see you at a couple of races for sure!

Mrs. Lord of the Chainrings

Matty O said...

Cool bike :) Saw it on twitter already, phew.

Man you honed in on that one right away, it was still hanging up when you said... MINE! haha.

Love the schedule for next year :) should keep you pretty busy. After the half marathon you will be good for the 70.3 Stick to the training :)

Sue Sitki said...

Musselman!?? Great! That's one of the races we were looking at!

Pretty bike :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Sweet bike, I am a little jealous, lucky Mercy doesnt know I looked at another bike, she is the jealous type.

Musselman is a great race!! I am thinking about it myself

She said I need a goal said...

Mrs LOTC, I have already suggested a new bike as payback from the hubby, I hope he listens!!

Matty, I forgot to add in the HOP 5km beer run. Now I want to hear that story!

Sue, would be great to meet up at a race! Keep me posted.

BDD, what will Mercy do if she finds out you've been eyeing another bike? Is Musselman a flat bike route?