Friday, July 29, 2011

a ride, a swim, a nap, a run, a beer

Look what I found on Saturday
Last weekend had it all, I had a great time. It started at 6am Saturday morning when my pal D came to pick me up so we could drive to Niagara on the Lake for a ride. It's flat and beautiful out there except for one hill. I love love love riding early in the morning, it's cooler, little traffic, quiet. We went at a decent clip and I wasn't tracking any data, I mostly wanted to make sure my butt would endure the ride, it did, barely. We stopped at the bottom of Queenston hill and when I looked up I said I didn't think I was gonna make it thanks to much slacking as of late but we decided to try til we had to walk. We were at the top before we knew it. I was home by noon and decided at 2:30 that I was going to go for a swim. On a hot day after a long ride (for me) the swim was amazing. The water at LA Fitness tends to be cool and felt great. I was just doing easy laps and about 30 minutes in a few young guys practically cannon balled into the pool, um guys it's like 3ft deep so I took my leave. When I got home I watched the ITT for TdF and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours. Swimming always knocks me out. 

Simon's Athlete tracker, check out that T1 time!!
Up early on Sunday to check my twitter account and see how all my friends were doing because they were racing Ironman Lake Placid. The live tracker was going well and after everyone was out of the water I headed back to LA Fitness for a run on the treadmill. By the time I got home and checked later in the day the tracker was still down and showing some pretty funny results, like John and Simon spending over 45 minutes in T1. At 9pm it was showing that Mandy was still out on the bike. I had a great time on twitter with those of us that were left wondering "Where's Rodney?! Where's John?!" Thanks to Kevin I was able to see video of Mandy at the finish line, and yes I cried.  

So, if you are looking for some great reading go check out these race reports! A lot of the reports are more than one post so I'll just link to their main blog. Go grab a coffee or a beer, a box of Kleenex and read about some amazing IRONMEN.

The Veterans

Bryan "the Captain"

Simon "mr. tapout".  I'm sure he'll get a report up soon, he needs some rest after tapping out Bryan at the #IMLP post race party at the Pig&Whistle

First timers

Rodney "the napper"

John "where the hell is John?!"

Mandy "the flasher"

I got my August training program from the coach, I'll see you in October!!

that's all I got...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

don't call

I'll be sat in front of my computer following along with my Ironman Lake Placid pals. I'll go do a run at the gym while they are on the bike, laundry while they are on the run and drinking beer when they cross the finish line.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

so I was...

Thanking everyone for the commiserating 'ouch' comments on my fall. The knee is superficial but painful, you know how papercuts hurt the worst, same type of deal. I love that the hip bruise, which is quite spectacular, didn't show up for 2 days. Elbow is pretty bruised as well now.

Laughing when Ian offered me some training because I fall so often. I really appreciate the offer but am pretty sure there isn't any special 'stop being a dumbass' training he can provide. You'd think these bruises would be more than enough training.

Relieved because now that I have wiped out, I don't have to do it again til next year.

Not going to change my training schedule this week due to the fall, HTFU and all that, but I ran 5km on Monday night and things hurt much worse on Tuesday so I took it as a rest day (swapped for my usual Friday).. Hopefully things just get better from here. Short run and swim tonight. 

Happy that I joined LA Fitness, it's way too hot to run outside.  (quiet Rodney)

Slightly alarmed that there is a 20 minute limit on cardio equip when it's busy.  How is 20 minutes a workout?

Clicking on blog links and came across INFINIT Nutrition. My cycling teammates had told me about it ages ago and said I should look into it because I can't eat on long rides so they thought this might be good option for me. I saw (cool dude) Matty also uses it and he gave me some good feedback as well.  I hooked up with a rep, we created a formula, I placed my order and am waiting for it to arrive. I only wish it was here before I go cycling at Niagara on the Lake this weekend.

Excited to go cycling at Niagara on the Lake this weekend.  Not sure where we will cycle, Dana is in charge of that but it will be nice to cycle some flat roads and look at pretty scenery. Notes to self: STAY AWAY FROM GRAVEL, NO YOU CAN'T MAKE THAT TURN, STOP AND GET OFF YOUR BIKE!

Super excited for everyone racing Ironman Lake Placid this weekend!! I had wanted to go and meet everyone but had to ditch those plans as well. I'll be cheering from here, I swear you'll hear me. I plan to crack a beer for everyone I know that crosses the finish line. 

Thinking I might want to book Monday off. 

Wondering, I know Rodney, John, Bryan, Mandy and Simon are racing this weekend. Who else?!

Loving hearing from the IronCanucks about the half ironman race last week, they have some great stories and I love the pictures. What a team! 

Making up my weight loss spreadsheet again.. Tracks calories in and out and predicts weight loss. It's a pain in the ass to keep up but it's pretty accurate from a math perspective.

that's all I got...

stupid blogger upside down pictures!
ps - it's been weeks since I picked up my mail, most of my bills come via email (except one, oops) but I got a postcard from Ian.. yay!!!   thanks buddy!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

at least I'm consistent

A few of us went and rode the sprint tri course for our race in Sept.  I had forgotten how I dislike the hills on the way out but I did em without stopping and kept to between 10-12km per hour on each uphill, more of a slow incline than a real 'hill'.  On the way back I topped out at 49.9km.  I love riding and anything under 50km is fine by me, over that and I get too scared.  I averaged about 35km on the way back but it's pretty much all downhill.  When we got back to the car two of us rode past for an extra km or so and at the turn around I didn't unclip and the street was too narrow and I ended up in gravel.

When will I ever learn?

superficial but stingy
after wipe down, thanks Rhona!
hurts the most, can't bend it now, ugh
that's all I got... (thank god)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

first swim of the year

First swim back this year and it was a coached session with Nancy at the Y.  I was pretty impressed with my 50y time and my 100y time considering I haven't swam since 2010.  Nancy said my time is even faster than hers but she can do lots of 100's in a row, I need to rest.  It's good to suck at only 2 out of 3 sports and with practice I know I'll get faster.  We did some great drills to improve my stroke but overall I do pretty good.  Practice, practice, practice.

First run tonight at LA fitness.  I usually skip a run when it's hot out but now I have access to a treadmill close to home, no excuses!!  Gearing up for my 'long slow run' which is more like a 'sad slow walk' on Saturday and then a bike ride with a few teammates on Sunday.  I even loaded all my workouts into my iCal on my MAC.  Now just have to remember to charge the darn Garmin!! 

I am still trying to make the switch to WP so please lookout for my questions, you know who you are.  Once I get the framework in place then I can start with widgets.  TOMORROW!! 

I'm very excited to hear how the IronCanucks do at Musselman this weekend.  I've seen a few of them and they are all excited and nervous but I've seen them train, I know they are going to kick major butt.  Incidentally there will be a picture of the team in our local paper, today.  My coach is sweet, she listed me as 'absent' even though I pulled out several months ago.  They are talking about training for IMMT and another half next year, I'm IN for the half. 

Matty, you can put your hand down now.

that's all I got..

An amazing team with our sponsor

Monday, July 11, 2011

catching up and nothing of interest

I've been reading and catching up on blogs but stupid blogger won't let me comment!!!  That phucking infinite loop is back so I'm not ignoring you, I'm reading, I have things to say.. and I can't say them.. and you know how that annoys me.

Nothing of interest to post on my end.  I did join LA Fitness this past weekend because the new club rate was going for $30 monthly and they have a pool and the treadmills have funky ipod set up.  Swim tonight, brick with the ladies tomorrow. 

I should have been racing this past weekend but even though I didn't a few of my friends including Mrs. LOTC did and she did amazing and I can't wait to hear all about it first hand.  My IronCanucks team are racing Musselman this coming weekend and I'm really excited for them. 

As for me... meh

My hero

that's all I got..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Raise your hand if...

you are way behind in blog reading...

you are way behind in blog posting...

you are way behind in training...

you are sick of looking for your mojo...