Thursday, February 24, 2011

layer cake...

I friggin wish!! I am all layered up and ready to go for my run. This is my first 'run' in crappy weather and it's make or break. Tonight will determine if I run very fast to the Y to get a membership to complete my winter training on a treadmill or not. , on top of 'I sick at running' I have walked outside or gone for short jogs but this run is with the half marathon running group and the run will be longer than I would normally do on my own.  I know you can say SIU all you want but I don't like being out in the cold, my past experiences have not been successful from a 'holy crap this is cold' perspective.  There are worse things than running on a treadmill and running on a treadmill is better than not running at all.

I have on my Enell running bra (the BEST bra in the universe for running with these girls)
Layer 1:
I have on my arm warmers which are super cool, like extra cool, I LOVE them and want to wear them everyday.
I have on my short sleeve Punk Rock running t-shirt cause I won it from EMZ and I feel like a superhero when I wear it.
I have on my Lulu Lemon running pants, well let's face it I do everything but cycle in these so I should not call them running pants.  All purpose pants?  All rounders? (no one will get that)

Layer 2:
I have on a long sleeve Sugoi running shirt, it's cosy and toasty (now)

Layer 3: 
I have a thicker long sleeve top, who makes it?  Dunno but I bought it at the running store under advisement.

Layer 4:
Will be my running jacket. 

Notice a problem?  I need some kind of extra layer for my legs but I don't have one so I'll have to SIU tonight. I am also wearing a scarf thingy and my runderwear and running socks (anklets, need to buy long socks), my roadID cause if I freeze to death I'll want them to know who to call.  I have running gloves and a Mizuno headband. Are we betting?  How long before I freeze to death?  Wish me luck.  

Run then home to work more.. :-(  crappy crappy end to my day at the office and then more work before bed.  

that's all I got... 

**edited to add that I have another pair of running pants I could wear over top of my lulu lemon ones but then I'd really look like the Michelin Man.  I am not sure I could even run in this entire get up.. 


Emz said...

I just took off four layers reading this.

Did you get the run emz shirt yet?! Yes, I want you to wear FIVE layers.

And am I the only one who thought of "layer" cake wine from the blog title?!

Colleen said...

:) All I keep thinking is the scene from Christmas Story where the young brother can't put his arms down.

Hope the run goes well!

Julie said...

So...??? how did it go? Did you get it done?

Daryl said...

Are you a member of the YMCA now? Spring is just around the corner...

She said I need a goal said...

Emz! I have not yet received the RUN EMZ shirt. I hope stupid customs didn't steal it. We should have someone check all border crossings. I can't wait to wear it, I bet I will be way faster (and more Micheliny)

Colleen, that is exactly how I felt.

Julie, I sure did!! My ankle started to act up around 4km so I headed for home but I had a great run.

Daryl, I gave up my Y membership ages ago. I had joined Oakville but couldnt' get in on Nancy's sunday training so I meant to switch but never got around to it.

Bryan Payne said...

A, I thought I was reading a fashion magazine article or thinking you were pretending you were Joan Rivers at the Ocsars commenting on the clothing.

I just put on sweats, a shirt and a jacket. You may save money on clothes by getting a gym membership.

Oh, almost forgot, SIU and learn to love outdoor running. It was beautiful out last night. I ran too.


She said I need a goal said...

B, you are right, it was a great night for a run and I was definitely warm enough. I'm trying to SIU but I'm not sure..